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Aulie Ata Colony
Baratov Colony
Bergthal Colony

Census Records
Migration Records
Village Histories
Borozenko Colony
Chortitza Colony (Old Colony)

Secular Records

Census Records
Vital Statistics and Other Lists
Village Histories and Reports
Church Records and Family Registers
Hutterite Colonies
Kuban Mennonite Settlement
Memrik Colony
Molotschna Colony

Secular Records

Census Records, Vital Statistics and Other Lists
Migration Records
School Registers
Village Histories
Naumenko (Petrovka) Colony
Neu-Samara (Pleshanovo) Colony
Omsk Mennonite Settlement
Orenburg Colony

Family Lists
Village Histories
Samara Oblast
Schoenfeld Colony
Yazykovo Colony

Census Records
Village Histories

The society is pleased to make these web resources available to you. However, the society is not able to help you with your genealogical research and will not respond to genealogical inquiries other than specific questions concerning the files we have made available. Research queries should be directed to one of the Mennonite archives in Canada or the U.S.

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