Canadian Mennonite Genealogical Resources


  • NewEarly Genealogical Sources for Mennonites in Manitoba: 1874-1921, compiled by Glenn Penner.

    Church Records

  • Composite Index of Early Manitoba Mennonite Church Registers, compiled by Loren Koehler
  • Reinlaender Gemeinde Buch (Manitoba) Index, compiled by the Local History Committee, M.M.H.S., (169K)
  • Sommerfeld Gemeinde Buch (Manitoba) Cumulative Index, compiled by John Wall, (424 K)

    Secular Records

  • Quebec Passenger Lists: 1874-1880, annotated by Cathy Friesen Barkman
  • Mennonite Immigrants on Quebec Passenger Lists: 1881-1896, compiled by John Dyck and William Harms; minor revisions by Richard D. Thiessen.
  • Mennonite Emigrants from Russia and Prussia passing through the Port of Hamburg: 1890 – 1899, by Glenn H. Penner.
  • Mennonite Ship Passengers Arriving in Canada: 1900-1914, compiled by Richard D. Thiessen. (177K)
  • Canadian Low-German Mennonites Drafted or Recruited in World War I, compiled by Glenn Penner.
  • Schools and School districts in R.M. of Rhineland (1884-1963), written mainly by J.C. Fehr.
  • Index to Pioneer Portraits Published in the Red River Valley Echo (Altona, Manitoba) 1974-1980, compiled by Alf Redekopp.

    Cemetery Records

  • Abbotsford Area Cemetery Index, Abbotsford, BC
  • Coaldale Cemetery, Coaldale, Alberta
  • Saskatchewan Mennonite Cemetery Finding Aid


  • Der Bote Obituaries/Death Notices Index: 1924 - 2008, indexed by Elmer W. Neufeld

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