Canadian Low-German Mennonites Drafted or Recruited in World War I

Compiled by Glenn Penner

The following list was extracted from the web site

This database was searched for men with traditional Low-German Mennonite family names. My extraction may contain a few individuals who were not of Mennonite descent and there are certainly men who were missed.

Please contact me at if you have any suggested additions or deletions. If you know of someone who was missed entirely in the database please let me know. I am sure that my grandfather and his brother are not the only ones who were missed in the scanning process.

The list contains the names of 99 individuals with highlighted links to the relevant images of the recruitment/draft documents.

I would like to thank those who responded to my first version of this database. As a result I was able to add another 6 individuals, including my own grandfather and his brother!

Bergen Frank no form      
Bergen George Frank no form      
Bergen John no form      
Boschmann George Boschmann01 Boschmann02    
DeFehr Benjamin DeFehr01 DeFehr02    
DeFehr John DeFehr03 DeFehr04    
Derksen Harry Derksen03      
Derksen Peter Derksen01 Derksen02    
Driedger Henry Driedger01      
Driedger Jacob no form      
Driedger Peter Driedger02 Driedger03    
Dyck Abraham Dyck01      
Dyck Barney Dyck02      
Dyck Corney Dyck03 Dyck04    
Dyck George Dyck05      
Dyck Jacob A. Dyck06 Dyck07    
Dyck John P. Dyck08      
Dyck Peter L. Dyck09 Dyck10    
Enns George Enns01      
Enns Isaac George Enns02      
Enns John no form      
Epp Harry Epp01 Epp02    
Ewert Alfred Ewert05 Ewert06    
Ewert Carl Ewert04      
Ewert Paul Ewert03      
Ewert William Ewert01 Ewert02    
Fast Alexander Fast05      
Fast Dave Fast01 Fast02    
Fast Martin Fast03 Fast04    
Fast Nicholas Fast06 Fast07    
Friesen Abraham Friesen01 Friesen02    
Friesen Carl Friesen03 Friesen04    
Friesen Cornelius Friesen05 Friesen06    
Friesen Herman Friesen07 Friesen08    
Friesen John F. Friesen09 Friesen10    
Friesen John Henry Friesen11      
Friesen Peter Wiebe Friesen12 Friesen13    
Funk Abram H Funk01 Funk02    
Funk Peter Carl Funk03 Funk04    
Gerbrand John Gerbrand01      
Giesbrecht Peter no form      
Goertzen Henry Goertzen05 Goertzen06    
Goertzen Jacob Goertzen01 Goertzen02    
Goertzen Jacob Goertzen03 Goertzen04    
Harder Abraham Harder01 Harder02    
Harder Abraham (Albert) Harder03 Harder04 Harder05 Harder06
Harder Peter P. Harder07      
Heide Abram Heide01 Heide02    
Heinrichs Daniel Heinrichs01 Heinrichs02    
Heinrichs John Heinrichs03      
Hiebert Arthur L. Hiebert06 Hiebert07    
Hiebert Bernhard Hiebert01 Hiebert02    
Hiebert David D. no form      
Hiebert Isbrandt Hiebert04 Hiebert05    
Hiebert Jake Hiebert08 Hiebert09    
Hiebert John Cornelius Hiebert03      
Klassen Abraham Klassen01 Klassen02    
Klassen David Charles Klaasen03 Klassen04    
Klassen Frank Klassen05 Klassen06    
Klassen Heinrich Klassen07 Klassen08    
Klassen Jacob Klassen09 Klassen10    
Klassen Martin Klassen15      
Klassen Peter Alfred Klassen11 Klaasen12 Klassen13 Klassen14
Klippenstein Peter Klippenstein01      
Kroeker Barney Jacob Kroeker01 Kroeker02    
Letkeman Henry George Letkeman01      
Loewen Abe Loewen01      
Loewen Dave Loewen02      
Loewen Jack Loewen03 Loewen04    
Loewen John Loewen05 Loewen06    
Loewen Peter Albert Loewen07      
Martens Abram J. Martens01 Martens02    
Martens Jacob Benton Martens03      
Neufeld Abraham Neufeld01 Neufeld02    
Neufeld David John Neufeld03 Neufeld04    
Neufeld John Neufeld05 Neufeld06    
Neufeld Peter Neufeld07 Neufeld08    
Penner Anton Penner01 Penner02    
Penner Henry no form      
Penner Jacob A. Penner03 Penner04    
Penner John Penner05      
Penner John Penner06      
Penner Peter A. Penner07 Penner08    
Reimer Frank Reimer01 Reimer02    
Rempel Abraham Rempel01 Rempel02    
Rempel Diedrich Rempel03      
Sawatsky Jacob Sawatsky05 Sawatsky06 Sawatsky07 Sawatsky08
Sawatsky John Sawatsky01 Sawatsky02 Sawatsky03 Sawatsky04
Siemens Peter Siemens01 Siemens02    
Stobbe Herman H. Stobbe01      
Unger Abram Unger01      
Unruh William Unruh01 Unruh02    
Vogt Wilhelm Vogt01      
Voth Henry Peter Voth01      
Wiebe Abram Wiebe01 Wiebe02    
Wiebe George Wiebe03 Wiebe04 Wiebe05  
Wiebe George John Wiebe09 Wiebe10    
Wiebe Henry Wiebe06 Wiebe07    
Wiebe Herbert Wiebe08      
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