Frequently Asked Questions for Mennonite Family Researchers German Regions in 1871 German Regions in 1990

The following is a list of actual and proposed faqs for Mennonite family researchers.

  • faq.general.intro

  • faq.prusssia
  • faq.poland
  • faq.russia
  • faq.nw.germany
  • faq.sw.germany
  • faq.netherlands
  • faq.switzerland
  • faq.france
  • faq.usa.east
  • faq.usa.west
  • faq.canada
  • faq.latin.america
  • faq.hutterites
  • faq.amish

    Since this starts as a new project with no previous experience, we are in need of volunteers to write FAQs for any of the above faq titles.

    If you can nominate someone who you think may be able to write, have him/her contact me. If you have good questions (and hopefully good answers,too) to include in this and future FAQs, I would also like to hear from you. Please send any corrections or suggestions to or

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