Canadian Mennonite Genealogical Resources


  • NewEarly Genealogical Sources for Mennonites in Manitoba: 1874-1921, compiled by Glenn Penner.

    Church Records

  • Composite Index of Early Manitoba Mennonite Church Registers, compiled by Loren Koehler
  • Reinlaender Gemeinde Buch (Manitoba) Index, compiled by the Local History Committee, M.M.H.S., (169K)
  • Sommerfeld Gemeinde Buch (Manitoba) Cumulative Index, compiled by John Wall, (424 K)

    Secular Records

  • Quebec Passenger Lists: 1874-1880, annotated by Cathy Friesen Barkman
  • Mennonite Immigrants on Quebec Passenger Lists: 1881-1896, compiled by John Dyck and William Harms; minor revisions by Richard D. Thiessen.
  • Mennonite Immigrants to Canada Departing from Hamburg, Germany: 1890-1898 , compiled by Richard D. Thiessen. (138K)
  • Mennonite Ship Passengers Arriving in Canada: 1900-1914, compiled by Richard D. Thiessen. (177K)
  • Canadian Low-German Mennonites Drafted or Recruited in World War I, compiled by Glenn Penner.
  • Schools and School districts in R.M. of Rhineland (1884-1963), written mainly by J.C. Fehr.
  • Index to Pioneer Portraits Published in the Red River Valley Echo (Altona, Manitoba) 1974-1980, compiled by Alf Redekopp.

    Cemetery Records

  • Abbotsford Area Cemetery Index, Abbotsford, BC
  • Coaldale Cemetery, Coaldale, Alberta
  • Old Colony Mennonite Cemetery, Elgin County, Ontario
  • Saskatchewan Mennonite Cemetery Finding Aid


  • Der Bote Obituaries/Death Notices Index: 1924 - 2008, indexed by Elmer W. Neufeld

    The society is pleased to make these web resources available to you. However, the society is not able to help you with your genealogical research. Research queries should be directed to one of the Mennonite archives in Canada or the U.S.
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