Schoenhorst Register, Chortitza Colony
South Russia


Compiled by Richard D. Thiessen

This is an index of all individuals in the Schoenhorst Register, a village in Chortitza Colony, South Russia. The register was taken to Canada after World War II and is currently in the possession of a family in Vancouver. Copies of the register are available at the Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies and the Mennonite Heritage Centre, both located in Winnipeg.

The names are listed alphabetically, with the variant spellings of a surname grouped together.

This information is also available as a GEDCOM file. After you have downloaded the file, run it from File Manager (Windows 3.1) or Windows Explorer (Windows 95) and it will self- extract to form the file schoen.ged. This file can then be imported into a genealogy program that accepts GEDCOM files, such as Brother's Keeper.

The GEDCOM file has also been converted to HTML format using Gedpage. See Schoenhorst Register (GEDCOM to HTML). Some additional data on certain families has been added to this file, supplementing the Schoenhorst Register.

Photocopies of the entire register or individual pages are also available from the Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies. Please contact Alf Redekopp for more information. Send a message to: or write to:
Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society
169 Riverton Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2L 2E5

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Page updated 25 September 2001

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