Mennonite Births in the Lutheran Records of Tiegenort, West Prussia 1759-1781

Originally transcribed by Adalbert Goertz;
Compiled and Edited by Glenn H. Penner (

Below is a transcription of an article published by the late Adalbert Goertz. The original article is in German and was published in the journal Ostdeutsche Familienkunde (1990), pages 198-200. The Tiegenort records can be found in microfilm #208424 in the collection of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The Mennonites of this region belonged primarily to the Baerwalde (Fuerstenwerder) church. Unfortunately the Mennonite records were destroyed in a fire in 1881. Therefore we must rely on the births, marriages and deaths for the Mennonites of this region which were, by royal decree, recorded in the registers of the surrounding Evangelical Lutheran parishes from 1800 on. Fortunately, the Tiegenort Lutheran records have additional pre-1800 Mennonite entries. One of these is the register of Mennonite births for 1759 – 1781. For more information on the Baerwalde (Fuerstenwerder) church see:

  • Tiegenort Lutheran Birth Records by Year
  • Tiegenort Lutheran Birth Records by Surname

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