Mennonite Baptisms in Thiensdorf-Markushof, West Prussia:

Extracted by Glenn H. Penner (

Sorted by Surname

Year Standardized Surname Parent Relationship Child Village of Residence Comments
1789 ALBRECHT Harm son Abraham Augustwald  
1758 ALBRECHT Corn. daughter Angneta Schwansdorf  
1759 ALBRECHT Cornels daughter Anna Cronsnest (Ohm)
1758 ALBRECHT Harm daughter Catrina Campenau  
1793 ALBRECHT Harm son Harm Augustwald  
1758 ALBRECHT Corn. son Jacob Schwansdorf  
1795 ALBRECHT Cornelius daughter Marike Augustwald  
1759 ALBRECHT Harm daughter Noelke Aschbuden  
1792 ALBRECHT Cornelius daughter Zarke Augustwald  
1792 ALLERT Abraham surviving son Abraham Markushof  
1791 ALLERT Heinrich daughter Alcke Schwansdorf  
1789/90 ALLERT Dirk daughter Alcke Gueldenfeld  
1792 ALLERT Hans daughter Anke Gross Wickerau  
1763 ALLERT Dirk daughter Anna Nogatau  
1793 ALLERT Harm daughter Anna Kerbshorst  
1798 ALLERT Abraham surviving daughter Anna Markushof  
1789/90 ALLERT Harm daughter Barbara Kerbshorst  
1795 ALLERT Heinrich surviving daughter Catharina Schwansdorf  
1790 ALLERT Heinrich son Dirk Schwansdorf  
1791 ALLERT Arendt surviving son Jacob Thiensdorf  
1759 BANMANN Jan son Heinrich Kerschhorst  
1794 BARTSCH Absolon son Absolon Hohenwald  
1794 BARTSCH Absolon daughter Sara Hohenwald  
1798 BESTVADER Jacob surviving daughter Anna Reichhorst  
1798 BESTVADER Jacob daughter Anna Wengelwaldt  
1789/90 BESTVADER Class daughter Elisabeth Elbing  
1781 BESTVADER Class son Heinrich Elbing  
1793 BESTVADER Simon son Heinrich Schlamsack  
1781 BESTVADER Absolon son Jacob Rosenort  
1796 BESTVADER Jacob surviving son Jacob Reichhorst  
1759 BESTVADER Paul daughter Janchen Kerbswald  
1795 BESTVADER Heinrich daughter Lencke Preisch Koenigsdorf  
1792 BESTVADER Jacob son Nataniel Wengelwaldt  
1795 BESTVADER Simon daughter Sanke Schlamsack  
1794 BESTVADER Jacob daughter Trincke Wengelwaldt  
1759 BOLT Martin son Heinrich Thiergart  
1758 BRAND Conert daughter Agata Augustwald  
1795 BRAND Heinrich surviving son Heinrich Wengelwaldt  
1758 CLASSCHE   daughter Anna Elbing  
1796 CLASSEN Dirk son Dirk Markushof  
1758 CLASSEN Dirk daughter Helena Thorichthof  
1758 CLASSEN Frantz daughter Helena Tiensdorf  
1758 CORNELSON Cornels daughter Adelgunde Tiergart  
1794 CORNELSON Abraham daughter Anna Kerbshorst  
1789 CORNELSON Heinrich surviving son Cornels Thiensdorf  
1796 CORNELSON Cornelius son Cornels Preisch Rosengart  
1789/90 CORNELSON Cornelius surviving son Cornels Preisch Koenigsdorf  
1763 CORNELSON Heinrich daughter Elisabeth Rosgarten  
1781 CORNELSON Cornelius surviving son Hans Preisch Koenigsdorf  
1790 CORNELSON Heinrich surviving son Heinrich Cronsnest  
1795 CORNELSON Cornelius son Jacob Toerichtshof  
1796 CORNELSON Jacob son Jacob Augustwald  
1787 CORNELSON Cornelius surviving daughter Marike Preisch Koenigsdorf  
1792 CORNELSON Cornelius daughter Marike Preisch Rosengart  
1792 DAU Heinrich son Absolon Hohenwald  
1795 DAU Absolon surviving daughter Anke Markushof  
1763 DAU Peter daughter Anna Kampenau  
1758 DAU Jacob daughter Catrina Schwansdorf  
1794 DAU Absolon surviving son Cornels Markushof  
1795 DAU Jacob son Hans Preisch Rosengart  
1792 DAU Heinrich son Heinrich Hohenwald  
1796 DAU Jacob son Heinrich Preisch Rosengart  
1781 DAU Jacob son Jacob Schwansdorf  
1794 DAU Jacob son Jacob Preisch Rosengart  
1759 DAU Jacob daughter Maria Kirschhorst  
1795 DAU Jacob daughter Marike Wengelwaldt  
1793 DAU Abraham surviving daughter Nelcke Markushof  
1792 DAU Jacob son Peter Preisch Rosengart  
1796 DAU Heinrich son Peter Hohenwald  
1791 DAU Absolon surviving daughter Trincke Markushof  
1796 DAU Heinrich daughter Trincke Hohenwald  
1794 DAU Cornelius daughter Zarke Wengelwaldt  
1796 DIRCKSEN Abraham son Abraham Kerbshorst  
1789 DIRCKSEN Frans surviving daughter Anke Kirschwald  
1758 DIRCKSEN Abraham son Hans Kampenau  
1759 DIRCKSEN Abram son Heinrich Campenau  
1781 DIRCKSEN Jacob son Heinrich Hohenwald  
1791 DIRCKSEN Heinrich son Heinrich Campenau  
1792 DIRCKSEN David surviving son Jacob Reichhorst  
1758 DIRCKSEN Abraham daughter Janke Kampenau  
1796 DIRCKSEN Abraham surviving daughter Maria Brodsend  
1792 DIRCKSEN Hans daughter Marike Neudolstaedt  
1794 DIRCKSEN David surviving daughter Marike Reichhorst  
1796 DIRCKSEN Peter son Peter Hohenwald  
1796 DIRCKSEN Peter daughter Sanke Hohenwald  
1792 DIRCKSEN Frans daughter Sara Hohenwald  
1791 DIRCKSEN Jacob daughter Trincke Toerichtshof  
1792 DIRCKSEN Peter daughter Trincke Hohenwald  
1794 DIRCKSEN Heinrich daughter Zarke Campenau  
1796 ENGBRECHT Samuel daughter Liesske Wengelwaldt  
1794 ENGBRECHT Absolon son Peter Cronsnest  
1790 ENGBRECHT Samuel son Samuel Wengelwaldt  
1789 ENGBRECHT Jacob surviving son Simon Wengeln (crossed out)
1790 ENGBRECHT Jacob surviving son Simon Wengeln  
1759 ESAU David daughter Catrina Thorichthof  
1799 EYDS (EIDS) Heinrich surviving daughter Adelgunda Augustwald  
1794 EYDS (EIDS) Abraham surviving daughter Susanna Reinland  
1795 FISCH Hans son Cornels Toerichtshof  
1791 FISCH Hans daughter Lencke Toerichtshof  
1792 FISCH Hans daughter Lencke Toerichtshof  
1763 FRANTZ Daniel son Heinrich Balau  
1759 FRANTZ Abram son Peter Hohenwald  
1759 FRANTZ Daniel son Abram Balau  
1796 FRANTZEN Peter son Cornels Augustwald  
1763 FRANTZEN Abram son Daniel Hohenwald  
1793 FRANTZEN Heinrich stepdau. Liesske Neudolstaedt  
1792 FRANTZEN Peter daughter Marike Augustwald  
1792 FRANTZEN Heinrich son Peter Stuhm  
1796 FRANTZEN Peter daughter Trincke Augustwald  
1791 FRIESEN Johann surviving son Johann Kirschhorst  
1758 FROESE Abram son Abraham Gueldenfeld  
1781 FROESE Heinrich son Abraham Grunau  
1787 FROESE Cornelius surviving son Abraham Altrosengart  
1789 FROESE Frans son Abraham    
1799 FROESE Frans son Abraham Thiergarterfeld  
1781 FROESE David daughter Anke Koenigsberg  
1781 FROESE Heinrich daughter Anke Tihrgarten  
1791 FROESE Cornelius surviving daughter Anke Elbingsche Rosgarten  
1792 FROESE Harm daughter Anke Gueldenfeld  
1763 FROESE Abram daughter Anna Kerbswald  
1758 FROESE Cornels son Cornelius Markushof  
1798 FROESE Johann son Cornelius Altrosengart  
1759 FROESE Jacob son Cornels Grunau  
1763 FROESE Frantz son Cornels Dantzig Werder  
1787 FROESE Wilhelm son Cornels Brodsend  
1789 FROESE Friedrich surviving son Cornels    
1793 FROESE Hans surviving son Cornels Thiergarterfeld  
1797 FROESE Cornelius surviving daughter Cornels Rosgarten  
1781 FROESE Frans surviving son Frans Markushof  
1790 FROESE Heinrich surviving son Frans Tihrgarten  
1759 FROESE Frantz surviving son Frantz Danzig  
1758 FROESE Abram son Hans Augustwald  
1781 FROESE Friedrich surviving son Hans Cronsnest  
1781 FROESE Jacob surviving son Hans Markushof  
1795 FROESE Cornelius surviving son Hans Wengeln  
1758 FROESE Job surviving son Harm Gueldenfeld  
1787 FROESE Cornelius son Harm Kukuk  
1789 FROESE Wilm son Harm Klein Brodsend  
1759 FROESE Heinrich son Heinrich Wengelwald  
1781 FROESE Heinrich son Heinrich Tihrgarten  
1791 FROESE Hans son Heinrich Preisch Rosengart  
1794 FROESE Cornelius surviving son Heinrich Wengeln  
1795 FROESE Cornelius surviving son Heinrich Rosgarten  
1795 FROESE Cornelius son Heinrich Markushof  
1798 FROESE Heinrich surviving son Heinrich Grunau  
1759 FROESE Frantz son Jacob Rosgarten  
1781 FROESE Melcher son Jacob Markushof  
1795 FROESE Jacob son Jacob Preisch Rosengart  
1793 FROESE Hans son Jan Rosenort  
1793 FROESE Cornelius surviving son Johann Rosgarten  
1781 FROESE Cornelius daughter Liesske Thiergarterfeld  
1781 FROESE Frans surviving son Loenert Rossgarten  
1794 FROESE Melcher daughter Maria Grunau  
1799 FROESE Cornelius daughter Maria Markushof  
1781 FROESE Frans daughter Marike Stall  
1794 FROESE Hans surviving daughter Marike Thiergarterfeld  
1795 FROESE Johann daughter Marike Altrosengart  
1758 FROESE Jacob son Melchior Grunau  
1789 FROESE Cornelius surviving daughter Nelcke Wengeln  
1763 FROESE Fridrich daughter Sara Kronsnest  
1787 FROESE Cornelius surviving daughter Sara Altrosengart  
1792 FROESE Wilm surviving daughter Trincke Brodsend  
1793 FROESE Melcher surviving daughter Trincke Thiergarterfeld  
1781 FROESE Frans surviving daughter Zarke Rossgarten  
1792 FROESE Frans daughter Zarke Stall  
1789 FUNK Steffen daughter Alcke Kommerau (crossed out)
1790 FUNK Steffen daughter Alcke Kommerau  
1788 FUNK Adam surviving daughter Anganecke Wengeln  
1791 FUNK Adam surviving son Clas Wengeln  
1798 FUNK Heinrich son Cornelius Schwansdorf  
1787 FUNK Adam surviving son Daniel Wengeln  
1791 FUNK Adam surviving daughter Haetcke Wengeln  
1759 FUNK Tobias son Heinrich Nogatau  
1794 FUNK Jan son Jan Wengeln  
1791 FUNK Adam daughter Liesske Gueldenfeld  
1794 FUNK Heinrich daughter Maria Schwansdorf  
1792 FUNK Steffen daughter Marike Kommerau  
1799 FUNK Adam daughter Marike Gueldenfeld  
1791 FUNK Hans son Paul Kirschhorst  
1758 FUNK Stefann son Peter Markushof  
1790 FUNK Peter daughter Sanke Balau  
1793 FUNK Adam daughter Sara Gueldenfeld  
1781 FUNK Steffen son Steffen Markushof  
1794 FUNK Tobias daughter Susanna Grunau  
1789 FUNK Jan daughter Trincke Wengeln  
1789 FUNK Hans daughter Zarke Kirschhorst  
1799 GERTZEN Absolon daughter Anna Aschbuden  
1758 GERTZEN Heinrich son Cornelius Kerbswald  
1790 GERTZEN Dirk son Dirk Hohenwald  
1794 GERTZEN Wilm son Hans Gross Brodsend  
1759 GERTZEN Dirk son Heinrich Thorichthof  
1758 GERTZEN Hinrich son Hinrich Wengeln  
1759 GERTZEN Dirk son Jacob Wengelwald  
1793 GERTZEN Steffen son Jacob Augustwald  
1789 GERTZEN Cornelius daughter Liesske Campenau  
1790 GERTZEN Dirk daughter Liesske Hohenwald  
1799 GERTZEN Cornelius surviving daughter Maria Aschbuden  
1793 GERTZEN Heinrich daughter Sanke Thiergarterfeld  
1789 GERTZEN Dirk daughter Trincke Hohenwald  
1789 GERTZEN Heinrich daughter Trincke Thiergarterfeld  
1789 GERTZEN Steffen daughter Trincke Augustwald  
1799 GERTZEN Wilm son Wilm Gross Brodsend  
1795 GERTZEN Dirk daughter Zarke Hohenwald  
1763 GETZ Hans son David Augustwald  
1792 GETZ Heinrich son David Rosenort  
1789 GETZ Heinrich son Hans Rossgarten  
1799 GETZ Heinrich daughter Nelcke Rosenort  
1789/90 GRUNAU Peter surviving daughter Alcke Altrosengart  
1793 GRUNAU David daughter Barbara Toerichtshof  
1790 GRUNAU David daughter Barbke Fischauerfeld  
1799 GRUNAU David surviving daughter Catharina Kerbshorst  
1798 GRUNAU Cornelius son Cornelius Rosenort  
1799 GRUNAU David son Cornels Fischauerfeld  
1791 GRUNAU David son David Fischauerfeld  
1792 GRUNAU David surviving son David Toerichtshof  
1788 GRUNAU Johann daughter Elisabeth Markushof  
1758 GRUNAU Peter son Heinrich Thiergart  
1796 GRUNAU Johann son Johann Markushof  
1794 GRUNAU Arendt daughter Liesske Wengeln  
1789/90 GRUNAU Johann daughter Marike Markushof  
1799 GRUNAU Johann son Nataniel Markushof  
1763 GRUNAU Peter son Nathanael Kampenau  
1792 GRUNAU Arendt son Peter Wengelwaldt  
1798 GRUNAU David surviving son Peter Kerbshorst  
1793 GRUNAU David daughter Sara Toerichtshof  
1781 GUHR Peter daughter Anke Altrosengart  
1781 HARMS Abraham son Abraham Hohenwald  
1791 HARMS Peter son Abraham Wengelwaldt  
1794 HARMS Heinrich surviving daughter Anke Schwansdorf  
1796 HARMS Hans daughter Anke Markushof  
1763 HARMS Corn. daughter Anna Wengeln  
1787 HARMS Heinrich daughter Anna Schwansdorf  
1798 HARMS Heinrich surviving daughter Anna Wengeln  
1796 HARMS Johann daughter Catharina Preisch Rosengart  
1798 HARMS Cornelius daughter Catharina Thiergart  
1798 HARMS Cornelius daughter Cornelia Thiergart  
1789/90 HARMS Heinrich son Cornels Wengeln  
1787 HARMS Johann son Frans Thiergart  
1795 HARMS Johann son Frans Preisch Rosengart  
1795 HARMS Hans son Gert Markushof  
1759 HARMS Cornels son Heinrich Wengeln  
1795 HARMS Heinrich surviving son Heinrich Wengeln  
1798 HARMS Heinrich surviving son Peter Wengeln  
1788 HARMS Johann daughter Sara Markushof  
1759 HARMS Abram daughter Susanna Wengelike Schul  
1781 HARMS Abraham daughter Trincke Hohenwald  
1789/90 HEIN Jan surviving daughter Anke Rosenort  
1788 HEIN Johann surviving son Cornels Rosenort  
1781 HEIN Jan son David Rosenort  
1790 HEIN Dirk son David Thiergarterfeld  
1788 HEIN Johann surviving son Heinrich Rosenort  
1792 HEIN Nataniel son Jacob Schwansdorf  
1794 HEIN Jacob daughter Liesske Markushof  
1788 HEIN Johann surviving daughter Marike Rosenort  
1794 HEIN Nataniel daughter Marike Schwansdorf  
1791 HEIN Nataniel son Nataniel Schwansdorf  
1793 HEIN Johann surviving daughter Sara Rosenort  
1794 HEIN Dirk daughter Trincke Thiergarterfeld  
1763 HEINRICHS Heinrich son Absolon Wengeln  
1781 HEINRICHS Jacob daughter Anke Kirsch Horst  
1797 HEINRICHS Jacob daughter Anna Kerbshorst  
1798 HEINRICHS Jacob daughter Catharina Kerbshorst  
1791 HEINRICHS Jan surviving son Dirk Thiergarterfeld  
1794 HEINRICHS Dirk surviving son Dirk Thiergarterfeld  
1796 HEINRICHS Jacob son Hans Kirschhorst  
1763 HEINRICHS Isaac son Jacob Hohenwald  
1789 HEINRICHS Jacob daughter Trincke Kirschhorst  
1792 HEINRICHS Jacob daughter Zarke Kirschhorst  
1781 HILL Jacob daughter Marike Hohenwald  
1781 HINRICHS Jan surviving son Jan Tihrgarten  
1796 HOEFFNER Hans son Jacob Schwansdorf  
1759 HOLTZRICHTER Dirk son Dirk Thiergarten  
1759 HOLTZRICHTER Bernd daughter Maria Markushof  
1798 HOLTZRICHTER David surviving daughter Maria Markushof  
1799 HOLTZRICHTER Heinrich surviving daughter Sara Markushof  
1763 HORN Daniel son Hans Wengeln  
1794 HORN Hans son Hans Wengeln  
1797 HORN Heinrich son Heinrich Hohenwald  
1781 HORN Jacob son Jacob Balau  
1794 HORN Jacob son Jacob Reichhorst  
1799 HORN Johann son Johann Hohenwald  
1792 HORN Heinrich daughter Nelcke Hohenwald  
1758 HORN Jacob daughter Sara Rosenort  
1790 HORN Daniel surviving daughter   Balau  
1759 JANCKE Peter son Peter Schlamsack  
1781 JANZEN Abraham son Abraham Schwansdorf  
1791 JANZEN Harm daughter Anke Schwansdorf  
1794 JANZEN Jacob surviving daughter Anke Kirschhorst  
1795 JANZEN Heinrich daughter Anke Toerichtshof  
1796 JANZEN Dirk daughter Anke Wengelwaldt  
1758 JANZEN Friedrich daughter Anna Thiergart  
1758 JANZEN Hans daughter Anna Gueldenfeld  
1763 JANZEN Frantz daughter Anna Thorichthof  
1781 JANZEN Class son Arendt Augustwald  
1796 JANZEN Jacob daughter Barbke Wengelwaldt  
1795 JANZEN Peter daughter Catharina Markushof  
1759 JANZEN Corn. daughter Catrina Balau  
1763 JANZEN Corn. daughter Catrina Littauen  
1798 JANZEN Nataniel surviving son Cornelius Campenau  
1792 JANZEN Abraham surviving son Cornels Markushof  
1795 JANZEN Harm son Cornels Rosenort  
1789/90 JANZEN Jacob surviving son Cornels Markushof  
1794 JANZEN Hans son David Rosenort  
1787 JANZEN Johann surviving daughter Elisabeth Kerbswald  
1792 JANZEN Peter daughter Elisabeth Markushof  
1796 JANZEN Nataniel surviving daughter Elisabeth Campenau  
1791 JANZEN Jacob surviving son Frans Kirschhorst  
1758 JANZEN Hans son Gert Gueldenfeld  
1796 JANZEN Jacob surviving daughter Gretke Kirschhorst  
1763 JANZEN Harm son Hans Schwansdorf  
1790 JANZEN Hans son Hans Rosenort  
1790 JANZEN Heinrich surviving son Heinrich Sorgenort  
1792 JANZEN Peter surviving son Heinrich Wengelwaldt  
1795 JANZEN Jan son Heinrich Hohenwald  
1799 JANZEN Nataniel surviving daughter Helena Campenau  
1758 JANZEN Jacob son Jacob Nogatau  
1794 JANZEN Jacob son Jacob Augustwald  
1795 JANZEN Dirk son Jacob Wengelwaldt  
1795 JANZEN Hans son Jacob Hohenwald  
1796 JANZEN Heinrich son Jacob Sorgenort  
1798 JANZEN Paul surviving son Jacob Augustwald  
1798 JANZEN Peter son Jacob Markushof  
1790 JANZEN Jan son Jan Hohenwald  
1763 JANZEN Isaac son Johann Hohenwald  
1795 JANZEN Peter surviving son Lammert Wengelwaldt  
1794 JANZEN Dirk daughter Liesske Wengelwaldt  
1796 JANZEN Hans daughter Liesske Hohenwald  
1763 JANZEN Corn. daughter Marg. ???huben  
1759 JANZEN Isaac daughter Margreta Hohenwald  
1758 JANZEN Friedrich daughter Maria Thiergart  
1792 JANZEN Frans daughter Marike Preisch Rosengart  
1793 JANZEN Friedrich surviving daughter Marike Thiergarterfeld  
1794 JANZEN Class daughter Marike Hohenwald  
1793 JANZEN Jacob son Nataniel Kirschwald  
1795 JANZEN Nataniel surviving son Nataniel Campenau  
1795 JANZEN Friedrich surviving daughter Nelcke Thiergarterfeld  
1790 JANZEN Friedrich son Paul Thiergarterfeld  
1781 JANZEN Cornelius surviving son Peter Hohenwald  
1781 JANZEN Peter surviving son Peter Gross Brodsend  
1790 JANZEN Jan son Peter Hohenwald  
1792 JANZEN Heinrich surviving son Peter Sorgenort  
1795 JANZEN Peter son Peter Markushof  
1799 JANZEN Frans son Salomon Preisch Rosengart  
1758 JANZEN Hinrich daughter Sara Campenau  
1759 JANZEN Gert daughter Sara Campenau  
1763 JANZEN Corn. daughter Sara ???huben  
1798 JANZEN Peter daughter Sara Markushof  
1781 JANZEN Hans daughter Trincke Hohenwald  
1781 JANZEN Harm daughter Trincke Schwansdorf  
1791 JANZEN Frans daughter Trincke Hohenwald  
1792 JANZEN Peter surviving daughter Trincke Wengelwaldt  
1793 JANZEN Jacob daughter Trincke Kirschwald  
1794 JANZEN Wilm daughter Trincke Gueldenfeld  
1795 JANZEN Jan daughter Trincke Altrosengart  
1758 JANZEN Hinrich son Wilhelm Grunau  
1799 JANZEN Gert son Wilhelm Schwansdorf  
1791 JANZEN Wilm son Wilm Gueldenfeld  
1790 JANZEN Friedrich daughter Zarke Thiergarterfeld  
1791 JANZEN Peter surviving daughter Zarke Gross Brodsend  
1794 JANZEN Gert daughter Zarke Schwansdorf  
1799 JANZEN Class daughter Zarke Hohenwald  
1781 KASPER Jan daughter Anke Toerichtshof  
1796 KASPER Cornelius surviving son Cornels Rosenort  
1781 KASPER Jan daughter Marike Toerichtshof  
1793 KETLER Jacob son Abraham Orloff  
1781 KETLER Class daughter Anke Cronsnest  
1797 KETLER Cornelius daughter Barbara Thiergart  
1798 KETLER Cornelius son Cornels Thiergarterfeld  
1792 KETLER Cornelius daughter Elisabeth Thiergart  
1763 KETLER Abram son Jacob Altrosengart  
1794 KETLER David son Peter Gueldenfeld  
1792 KETLER David daughter Sanke Gueldenfeld  
1763 KLIEWER Heinrich daughter Adelgunda Kampenau  
1799 KLIEWER Connert son Cornels Wengelwaldt  
1759 KLIEWER Conert son Frantz Kampenau  
1758 KLIEWER Heinrich son Heinrich Ellerwald  
1796 KLIEWER Connert son Heinrich Wengeln  
1792 KLIEWER Connert daughter Nelcke Hohenwald  
1759 KLIEWER Heinrich daughter Sara Kampenau  
1790 KNIEPHOF Hans surviving daughter Marike Wengelwaldt  
1795 LAMMERT Paul surviving daughter Anke Balau  
1799 LAMMERT Hans son Cornels Wengeln  
1794 LAMMERT Peter son Frans Wengeln  
1796 LAMMERT Hans daughter Gertke Wengeln  
1792 LAMMERT Peter son Harm Wengeln  
1791 LAMMERT Jacob surviving daughter Janke Tiegenhagen  
1796 LAMMERT Peter surviving daughter Lencke Wengeln  
1790 LAMMERT Peter son Peter Wengeln  
1796 LAMMERT Paul surviving daughter Trincke Balau  
1759 LEIKE Hans daughter Catarina Markushof  
1763 LEYKE Hans daughter Maria Markushof  
1798 LODDE Jacob son Jacob Kerbshorst  
1781 MARTENS Jacob son Abraham Kommerau  
1795 MARTENS Abraham son Abraham Augustwald  
1796 MARTENS Jan son Abraham Hohenwald  
1795 MARTENS Absolon son Absolon Augustwald (Chritigan)
1781 MARTENS Jan surviving daughter Anke Tihrgarten  
1795 MARTENS Jan surviving daughter Anke Augustwald  
1759 MARTENS Lenert daughter Anna Schwansdorf  
1793 MARTENS Johann daughter Barbara Powunden  
1791 MARTENS Jacob surviving daughter Barbke Wengelwaldt  
1794 MARTENS Cornelius surviving daughter Catharina Neidolstaedt  
1758 MARTENS Johann daughter Catrina Markushof  
1798 MARTENS Johann daughter Cornelia Powunden  
1781 MARTENS Cornelius son Cornels Wengelwaldt  
1781 MARTENS Salmon surviving son Cornels Cronsnest  
1787 MARTENS Johann surviving son Cornels Brodsend  
1799 MARTENS Cornelius surviving son Cornels Markushof  
1799 MARTENS Jacob son David Augustwald  
1794 MARTENS Dirk surviving son Dirk Augustwald  
1795 MARTENS Absolon surviving son Frans Hohenwald  
1798 MARTENS Jan son Frans Nogatau  
1789 MARTENS Jan son Hans Hohenwald  
1789/90 MARTENS Hans surviving son Hans Augustwald  
1758 MARTENS Clas surviving son Jacob Rosenort  
1758 MARTENS Hans son Jacob Markushof  
1759 MARTENS Heinrich son Jacob Wengelwald  
1788 MARTENS Cornelius surviving son Jacob Kerbshorst  
1791 MARTENS Jacob son Jacob Augustwald  
1791 MARTENS Tobias surviving son Jacob Augustwald  
1793 MARTENS Jacob son Jacob Cronsnest  
1794 MARTENS Dirk surviving son Jacob Augustwald  
1796 MARTENS Abraham son Jacob Augustwald  
1799 MARTENS Jan son Jacob Cronsnest  
1791 MARTENS Jan son Jan Hohenwald  
1799 MARTENS Jan son Jan Cronsnest  
1759 MARTENS Jan son Jan Campenau  
1796 MARTENS Heinrich daughter Liesske Wengelwaldt  
1759 MARTENS Salomon daughter Maria Augustwald  
1781 MARTENS Tobias surviving daughter Marike Augustwald  
1792 MARTENS Jacob surviving daughter Marike Wengelwaldt  
1793 MARTENS Cornelius surviving daughter Marike Neidolstaedt  
1789/90 MARTENS Hans daughter Nelcke Powunden  
1793 MARTENS Jacob daughter Sanke Augustwald  
1759 MARTENS Peter daughter Sara Lichtfeld  
1793 MARTENS Johann daughter Sara Powunden  
1789 MARTENS Jacob surviving daughter Trincke Wengeln  
1794 MARTENS Heinrich daughter Trincke Wengelwaldt  
1795 MARTENS Cornelius surviving daughter Trincke Markushof  
1796 MARTENS Abraham surviving daughter Trincke Markushof  
1781 MARTENS Jacob daughter Zarke Kommerau  
1792 MARTENS Absolon daughter Zarke Augustwald  
1793 MARTENS Cornelius surviving daughter Zarke Markushof  
1795 MARTENS Jacob daughter Zarke Cronsnest  
1789 MECKELBERGER Hans surviving son Samuel Thiergarterfeld  
1791 MECKELBERGER Hans surviving daughter Trincke Thiergarterfeld  
1788 MENN Abraham surviving daughter Anke Danzig  
1787 MENN Abraham surviving daughter Elisabeth Danzig  
1789/90 MENN Abraham surviving son Heinrich Danzig  
1759 NEUSTAEDGER Jacob daughter Elisabeth Markushof  
1796 NICKEL Paul son Adam Thiensdorf  
1796 NICKEL Johann daughter Anke Markushof  
1763 NICKEL Peter daughter Anna Fischau  
1794 NICKEL Paul daughter Anna Thiergart  
1794 NICKEL Peter surviving daughter Catharina Markushof  
1781 NICKEL Arendt surviving son Cornels Tihrgarten  
1763 NICKEL Peter son Daniel Fischau  
1790 NICKEL Adrian surviving son Hans    
1792 NICKEL Heinrich surviving son Heinrich Campenau  
1791 NICKEL Jacob daughter Janke Schwartzdam  
1789 NICKEL Cornelius daughter Liesske Markushof  
1795 NICKEL Jacob daughter Liesske Sommerau  
1759 NICKEL Peter daughter Maria Fischauerfeld  
1763 NICKEL Paul daughter Maria Platenhof  
1793 NICKEL Peter daughter Marike Gueldenfeld  
1787 NICKEL Cornelius son Paul Powunden  
1794 NICKEL Paul son Paul Thiergart  
1796 NICKEL Paul son Peter Thiensdorf  
1758 NICKEL Paul daughter Sara Nogatau  
1759 NICKEL Paul daughter Sara Preusch Rosengart  
1787 NICKEL Paul daughter Sara Thiensdorf  
1789/90 NICKEL Class surviving daughter Sara Campenau  
1790 OBWITZ Cornelius surviving son   Wengelwaldt  
1759 OLBITZ Ott daughter Sara Wengelwald  
1794 OTT Hans son Hans Hohenwald  
1795 OTT Hans son Heinrich Hohenwald  
1759 OTT Hans son Ott Hohenwald  
1763 PAULS Peter daughter Adelgunda Gueldenfeld  
1787 PAULS Johann daughter Anke Kerbswald  
1791 PAULS Jacob daughter Anke Altrosengart  
1763 PAULS Harm daughter Anna Tiergart  
1798 PAULS Johann daughter Anna Grunau  
1758 PAULS Harm daughter Catarina Balau  
1758 PAULS Frantz daughter Catrina Grunau  
1758 PAULS Jacob son Clas Markushof  
1763 PAULS Hans son Cornelius Preusch Konigsdorf  
1789 PAULS David surviving son Cornels Toerichtshof  
1789 PAULS Jan surviving son Cornels Preisch Koenigsdorf  
1793 PAULS Jan surviving son Cornels Thiergarterfeld  
1791 PAULS Class surviving son David Gross Brodsend (crossed out)
1792 PAULS Jacob son David Preisch Rosengart  
1793 PAULS Heinrich son David Preisch Rosengart  
1798 PAULS Heinrich son David Schwansdorf  
1758 PAULS Johann daughter Elisabeth Schwansdorf  
1781 PAULS Jacob son Frans Preisch Koenigsdorf  
1758 PAULS Jacob daughter Gertke Neustadtwald  
1763 PAULS Daniel son Harm Rosengart  
1781 PAULS Hans surviving son Harm Preisch Koenigsdorf  
1792 PAULS Harm surviving son Harm Kerbswald  
1759 PAULS Harm son Heinrich ?ueckhorst  
1759 PAULS Heinrich son Heinrich Preusch Konigsdorf  
1790 PAULS Heinrich son Heinrich Preisch Rosengart  
1797 PAULS Heinrich son Heinrich Schwansdorf  
1781 PAULS Frans surviving son Jacob Kirschwald  
1793 PAULS Frans son Jacob Markushof  
1792 PAULS Frans son Jan Grunau  
1758 PAULS Peter son Johann Gueldenfeld  
1759 PAULS Harm son Johann Thiergart  
1789 PAULS Jan surviving son Johann Thiergarterfeld  
1791 PAULS Jan surviving daughter Judke Thiergarterfeld  
1794 PAULS Cornelius daughter Lencke Hohenwald  
1763 PAULS Frantz daughter Margareta Kerbswald  
1799 PAULS Class daughter Margaretha Augustwald  
1759 PAULS Harm daughter Maria Balau  
1794 PAULS Johann daughter Maria Grunau  
1799 PAULS Cornelius daughter Marike Hohenwald  
1759 PAULS Clas son Paul Hohenwald  
1781 PAULS Arendt surviving son Peter Schwansdorf  
1791 PAULS Peter surviving son Samuel Elbing  
1792 PAULS Dirk son Samuel Thiergarterfeld  
1759 PAULS Harm daughter Sara Krebswald  
1793 PAULS Cornelius daughter Sara Thiergart  
1759 PAULS Frantz daughter Susanna Kirschhorst  
1792 PAULS Harm son Wilm Wengelwaldt  
1796 PAULS Heinrich daughter Zarke Preisch Rosengart  
1796 PAULS Jan surviving daughter Zarke Preisch Koenigsdorf  
1758 PENNER Heinrich son Andreas Markushof  
1781 PENNER Cornelius daughter Anke Tihrgarten  
1792 PENNER Hans daughter Anke Toerichtshof  
1793 PENNER Heinrich daughter Anke Reichhorst  
1763 PENNER Adrian daughter Anna Kampenau  
1763 PENNER Heinrich daughter Anna Thiergart  
1758 PENNER Adrian son Cornelius Lithauen  
1759 PENNER Harm son Cornels Grunau  
1781 PENNER Heinrich surviving son Cornels Cronsnest  
1790 PENNER Peter son Cornels Wengelwaldt  
1792 PENNER Hans son David Kukuk  
1790 PENNER Hans son Dirk Eschenhorst  
1759 PENNER Hinrich daughter Elisabeth Markushof  
1791 PENNER Frans surviving son Frans Hohenwald  
1795 PENNER Frans son Frans Hohenwald  
1763 PENNER Hans son Hans Kerbswald  
1792 PENNER Peter son Hans Kirschwald  
1763 PENNER Dirk son Heinrich Grunau  
1789 PENNER Jacob surviving son Heinrich Markushof  
1759 PENNER Gert daughter Helena Campenau  
1758 PENNER Hans surviving son Hinrich Kerbswald  
1789 PENNER Peter son Jacob Klein Wickerau  
1792 PENNER Jacob surviving son Jacob Markushof  
1796 PENNER Peter son Jacob Wengelwaldt  
1792 PENNER Johann son Johann Kerbswald  
1795 PENNER Hans son Johann Lichtfeld  
1797 PENNER Johann son Johann Mierau  
1789 PENNER Cornelius surviving daughter Lencke Gross Wickerau  
1781 PENNER Jacob surviving daughter Marike Markushof  
1796 PENNER Dirk daughter Marike Grunau  
1796 PENNER Heinrich daughter Marike Reichhorst  
1789 PENNER Hans daughter Nelcke Wengeln  
1791 PENNER Harm surviving daughter Nelcke Toerichtshof  
1793 PENNER Johann surviving daughter Nelcke Stuhm  
1795 PENNER Heinrich daughter Nelcke Reichhorst  
1791 PENNER Heinrich daughter Sanke Nogatau  
1795 PENNER Heinrich son Tobias Nogatau  
1793 PENNER Hans daughter Trincke Kukuk  
1793 PETERS Abraham son Abraham Thiensdorf  
1796 PETERS Isaac surviving daughter Anke Gueldenfeld  
1799 PETERS Heinrich son Cornels Reichhorst  
1789 PETERS Daniel surviving son Daniel Thiergarterfeld  
1759 PETERS Peter son Frantz Hohenwald  
1795 PETERS Peter son Hans Rosenort  
1796 PETERS Heinrich son Hans Reichhorst  
1763 PETERS Peter son Heinrich Kerbswald  
1791 PETERS Heinrich son Heinrich Wengelwaldt  
1794 PETERS Heinrich son Heinrich Reichhorst  
1796 PETERS Abraham son Heinrich Thiensdorf  
1796 PETERS Johann surviving daughter Helena Markushof  
1792 PETERS Peter surviving son Jacob Markushof  
1799 PETERS Abraham surviving son Jan Hohenwald  
1759 PETERS Johann son Johann Preusch Konigsdorf  
1797 PETERS Heinrich surviving son Johann Kerbshorst  
1781 PETERS Harm surviving daughter Lencke Augustwald  
1759 PETERS Hans daughter Maria Augustwald  
1788 PETERS Johann daughter Marike Markushof  
1781 PETERS David surviving daughter Nelcke Thiergarterfeld  
1791 PETERS Jan daughter Sanke Hohenwald  
1791 PETERS Johann daughter Sanke Markushof  
1759 PETERS Heinrich surviving daughter Sara ?ueckhorst (Ohm)
1794 PETERS Harm daughter Sara Cronsnest (ZIMES)
1759 PETERS Peter daughter Susanna Markushof  
1799 PETERS Heinrich daughter Trincke Reichhorst  
1792 PETERS Heinrich daughter Zarke Reichhorst  
1794 PETERS Frans daughter Zarke Hinter See  
1794 PHILIPSEN Cornelius surviving son Cornels Markushof  
1763 PHILIPSEN Heinrich son Dirk Kirschhorst  
1794 PHILIPSEN Frans daughter Dirk Preisch Rosengart  
1790 PHILIPSEN Arendt son Frans Markushof  
1792 PHILIPSEN Simon son Frans Campenau  
1759 PHILIPSEN Heinrich son Heinrich Schwansdorf (Ohm)
1789 PHILIPSEN Dirk son Heinrich Preisch Koenigsdorf  
1795 PHILIPSEN Arendt son Heinrich Markushof  
1796 PHILIPSEN Simon surviving daughter Marike Campenau  
1799 PHILIPSEN Cornelius surviving daughter Sara Markushof  
1790 PHILIPSEN Simon son Simon Campenau  
1796 PLENERT Daniel daughter Barbke Hohenwald  
1795 PLENERT David son Christian Hohenwald  
1799 PLETT Peter surviving son Peter Thiergarterfeld  
1781 QUAPP Abraham surviving son Abraham Grossen Werder  
1796 QUAPP Jacob surviving daughter Anke Augustwald  
1781 QUAPP Georgen son Georgen Rosenort  
1791 QUAPP Jacob surviving daughter Marike Augustwald  
1781 QUAPP Jacob surviving daughter Nelcke Augustwald  
1791 QUAPP Jacob surviving son Peter Augustwald  
1794 QUAPP Peter daughter Trincke Kirschwald  
1790 QUAPP Georgen daughter Zarke Augustwald  
1791 QUAPP Peter daughter Zarke Kirschfeld  
1794 QUIRING Absolon surviving son Absolon Augustwald  
1758 QUIRING Heinrich daughter Angneta Hohenwald  
1792 QUIRING Abraham daughter Anke Hohenwald  
1759 QUIRING Frantz son Frantz Schwansdorf  
1781 QUIRING Absolon son Gert Cronsnest  
1789 QUIRING Absolon son Heinrich Augustwald  
1796 QUIRING Hans son Jacob Preisch Koenigsdorf  
1799 QUIRING Absolon surviving son Jacob Augustwald  
1796 QUIRING Peter daughter Lencke Cronsnest  
1759 QUIRING Hans daughter Maria ???  
1788 QUIRING Abraham surviving daughter Marike Campenau  
1796 QUIRING Hans daughter Marike Preisch Koenigsdorf  
1763 QUIRING Peter son Paul Augustwald  
1796 QUIRING Peter son Peter Cronsnest  
1781 QUIRING Absolon daughter Sanke Cronsnest  
1763 RIEDIGER Jacob son Abraham Kerbswald  
1763 RIEDIGER Jacob daughter Anna Kerbswald  
1793 RIEDIGER Peter son David Altrosengart  
1795 RIEDIGER Jacob surviving son David Kirschwald  
1792 RIEDIGER Peter daughter Liesske Altrosengart  
1763 RIEDIGER David daughter Maria Markushof  
1763 RIEDIGER Jacob daughter Sara Kerbswald  
1759 SCHEFFLER Siebert son Conert Lithauen  
1789 SCHEFFLER Connert son Connert Hohenwald (crossed out)
1790 SCHEFFLER Connert son Connert Hohenwald  
1795 SCHEFFLER Connert son Cornels Hohenwald  
1794 SCHEFFLER Daniel surviving son Dirk Wengelwaldt  
1796 SCHEFFLER Jacob son Jacob Preisch Rosengart  
1799 SCHEFFLER Connert daughter Lencke Hohenwald  
1794 SCHEFFLER Connert daughter Marike Hohenwald  
1794 SCHEFFLER Jacob daughter Marike Preisch Rosengart  
1795 SCHEFFLER Daniel daughter Marike Posilge  
1758 SCHEFFLER Siebrant son Willem Rosgarten  
1792 SCHEFFLER Jacob daughter Zarke Preisch Rosengart  
1781 SCHEPANSKE David surviving son Cornels Hohenwald  
1796 SCHMIT Samuel daughter Anke Kirschwald  
1758 SCHMIT Simon daughter Barbara Hohenwald  
1791 SCHMIT Samuel son Heinrich Hohenwald  
1792 SCHMIT Samuel son Heinrich Hohenwald  
1792 SCHMIT Simon son Heinrich Wengelwaldt  
1763 SCHMIT Jacob son Jacob Kerbswald  
1794 SCHMIT Gert son Jacob Hohenwald  
1795 SCHMIT Samuel son Jacob Kirschfeld  
1799 SCHMIT Samuel daughter Trincke Hohenwald  
1794 SCHROETER Abraham son Abraham Kirschwald  
1791 SCHROETER Abraham daughter Trincke Kirschwald  
1796 SCHROETER Abraham daughter Zarke Kirschwald  
1794 SIEBERT Absolon son Absolon Toerichtshof  
1793 SIEBERT Abraham surviving daughter Anke Campenau  
1794 SIEBERT Peter daughter Anke Altrosengart  
1796 SIEBERT Cornelius son Cornels Wengeln  
1793 SIEBERT Jacob surviving son Hans Trampenauerfeld  
1758 SIEBERT Hinrich son Harm Markushof  
1763 SIEBERT Heinrich son Heinrich Markushof  
1799 SIEBERT Abraham surviving daughter Lencke Campenau  
1789 SIEBERT Abraham daughter Marike Campenau  
1789 SIEBERT Johann daughter Trincke Markushof  
1791 SIEBERT Absolon daughter Trincke Toerichtshof  
1796 SIEBERT Peter daughter Trincke Altrosengart  
1758 SIEBRANT Adrian son Abraham Stuhmschen?  
1794 SIEMENS Peter surviving daughter Anke Gross Usnitz  
1795 SPERLING Johann son Johann Grunau  
1795 SPERLING Johann daughter Marike Grunau  
1787 SPERLING Johann daughter Nelcke Grunau  
1759 SPERLING Lorentz daughter Sara Grunau  
1787 SPERLING Johann daughter Sara Grunau  
1791 STEINGART Abraham surviving son Abraham Augustwald  
1796 STOB Abraham son Abraham Hohenwald  
1791 STOB Gert surviving daughter Anke Thiergarterfeld  
1792 STOB Gerhard daughter Anna    
1796 STOB Abraham son Cornels Hohenwald  
1787 STOB Gert surviving daughter Sara Thiergart  
1793 STOB Isaac surviving daughter Trincke Hohenwald (Gross Werder)
1796 UNGER Heinrich daughter Barbke Wengeln  
1794 UNGER Peter surviving son Conrad Aschbuden  
1787 UNGER Heinrich son Heinrich Grunau  
1791 UNGER Heinrich son Heinrich Wengeln  
1793 UNGER Heinrich son Johann Wengeln  
1788 UNGER Peter surviving daughter Marike Aschbuden  
1758 UNGER Gert daughter Sara Altrosengart  
1759 VIEGUTT? Berend daughter Anna Danzig (FIEGUTH)?
1791 WEDEL Johann daughter Elisabeth Grunau  
1793 WEDLER Cornelius surviving daughter Lencke Campenau  
1792 WEDLER Johann daughter Marike Grunau  
1794 WEDLER Johann daughter Sara Grunau  
1781 WEDLING Abraham surviving daughter Zarke Elbing  
1763 WIEB Abram daughter Catrina Kampenau  
1788 WIENS Jacob surviving daughter Elisabeth Tiegenhof  
1792 WIENS Heinrich surviving daughter Zarke Schwansdorf  
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