Mennonite Marriages in the Tannsee Lutheran Church Records:

Translated by Glenn H. Penner (

Source: Evangelische Kirche Tannsee (Kr. Marienburg) Kirchenbuch, 1661-1891
(LDS Film #208439), Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.

Microfilm #208439 of the Mormon collection in Salt Lake City contains marriages for 1773 - 1854. These include Mennonite entries from 1800 on. The Mennonite entries for 1800 - 1820 are extracted and partially translated below. Note that Jg. = previously unmarried man and Jf. = previously unmarried woman. My comments and additions are in square brackets [ ].

Feb. 19, 1805Jg. Jacob Willm, 32, oldest son of the late Corn. W. of Niedauerfeld, Step-son of Gerhard Riemer
Jf. Gertruda Bergen, 24, youngest dau. of the late Jacob B. of Krebsfeld.
Married by Peter Siemens
Nov. 25, 1806Jg. Peter Enz of Wernersdorf
Margaretha Wiens, widow Klassen.
Nov. 7, 1811Cornelius Wall of Niedau
Jf. Maria Reimer dau. of Peter R. of Sandhoff
1813Cornelius Bergen of Ellerwald
Jf. Maria Wilms oldest dau. of Cornelius W. of Niedau
Married in Ellerwald
Dec. 28, 1814Arend Ens of Fuerstenauerweide
Catharina Gosen, widow of Gerhard Dick, of Niedau
Married in Rosenort by Thomas Siemens
Apr. 16, 1816Jg. Franz Claassen son of Franz C. of Tiegerfeld
Margaretha Wiens widow of Peter Ens of Niedau
Married in Rosenort by Thomas Siemens
Mar. 25, 1819Jg. Johann Harder, son of Abraham H. of Heubuden
Jf. Catharina Wall, dau. of Cornelius Wall of Niedau
June 22, 1820Peter Claassen of Niedauerfeld
Jf. Maria Classen, dau. of Gerhard C. & Marg. Wiens of Niedau
Married in Rosenort by Peter Ziemens.

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