Mennonite Deaths in the Catholic Church Records of
Schöneberg, West Prussia (1749-1761)

Extracted by Glenn H. Penner (

The following Mennonite deaths are taken from the Death and Burial records of the Katholische Kirche (Catholic Church) of Schöneberg, Kr. Marienburg (now Ostaszewo (Nowy Dwór Gdanski), Gdansk, Poland). These records cover the years 1749-1829 and are found in the microfilm collection of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS# 544841). The Mennonite entries are designated as "Men.", "Menno" or "Mennonista". Mennonite entries stop at the end of 1761. Schöneberg is located about 24 km south east of Danzig. The Mennonites found in these records are almost all from the village of Schönsee (now Jeziernik), which was located about 2 km east of Schöneberg. The Mennonites of Schöneberg and Schönsee belonged to the Gross Werder Flemish church or the Frisian church at Orlofferfeld. The Flemish Mennonites later belonged to the Ladekopp church. This document is very important since it predates the Mennonite records of Ladekopp. The Mennonites of Schöneberg and Schönsee can be found in the Brandordenung,, of 1727 and the 1776 census , . I have translated this document from the original Latin but have kept the spelling of the family names in order to show how our family names where recorded in these older records. I have also translated the first names into the closest German equivalent that would have been used by the Mennonites at that time. For example, Johann was recorded as Joannes, Heinrich as Henricus, Peter as Petrus, etc. Some abreviations are y. = years, m. = months, w. = weeks and d.= days.


Oct. 27 Herman Stobb son Harman


Sep. 7 Isaac Tews, Schönsee, son Jacob 4 y.
Sep.16 Herman Stobb, Schönsee, dau. Anna 6 mo.


Feb. 12 Isaac Klassen, Schönsee, 20 y.
Mar. 23 Jacob Wiebe, Schönsee, dau. Anna 16y.
Jun. 15 Johann Bergen, Schönsee, dau. Anna 1y.
Oct. 26 Harm Stobb, Schönsee, dau. Elisabeth 18d.
Nov. 3 Agnes (Aganetha) Epp, Waldorf, 69y.


Feb. 9 Daniel Fast, Schönsee
Mar. 2 Agatha Klassin, Schönsee, 73y.
May 10 Heinrich Epp, Schönsee, dau. Agnes 6y.
Sep. 15 Klass Wieb, Schönsee, wife Anna ca. 35y.
Nov. 5 Ertmann Stobb, Schönenberg, son Jacob 9y.


Mar. 15 Johann Klassen, Schönsee, 80y. (born ca. 1674!)
Apr. 12 Helena Zuckau, Schönsee, ?y.
May, 6 Heinrich Janson, Schönsee, dau. Elisabeth 3y.
Jul. 7 Derk Grunau, Schönenberg, ca. 40y.
Aug. 15 Peter Tiessen, Schönsee, son 1y.
Sep. 19 Harm Stobb, Schönsee, son Harm 8m.


Jan. 9 Johann Regier, Schönsee, 21y.
Jan. ?, Nicolai Wiler, Schönsee, son.
Jan. 29 Cornelius Epp, Schönsee, dau. Christina 1y.
Feb. 15 Gert Ens, Schönsee, ca. 60y.
Aug. 25 Peter Martens, Schönsee, son Peter 3y.


Jan. 25 Nicolai Wiler, Schönsee, son Nicolas 25d.
May 29 Heinrich Casper, Schönsee, son Cornelius.
June 23 Jacob Penner, Schönsee, son Arent 8y.
Jul. -- Peter Tiesen Schönsee
Aug. 7 Heinrich Epp, Schönsee, dau. Catharina ca. 2y.
Aug. 27 Harm Stobb, Schönsee, son Harm 1y.
Sep. 22 Johann Klassen, Schönsee, son dau. Marianna 4m.
Sep. 23 Susanna Litzin?, Schönsee, 25y.
Oct. 18 Peter Klassen, Schönsee, dau. Anna 7y.
Nov. 10 Jacob Ens, Schönsee, son Gert 1y.
Nov. 16 Jacob Dik, Schönenberg, dau. Anna 3y.
Dec. 15 Jacob Dik, Schönsee, son Jacob 1y.


Jan. 4 Isaak Tews, Schönsee, son Class 7y.
Jan. 25 Elisabeth Conrath, Schönsee, ca. 40y.
Jan. 27 Jacob Wieb, Schönsee, dau. Gertrud 3y.
Feb. 2 Susanna Fonbergen (von Bergen), Schönsee, ca. 70y.
Feb. 9 Clas Herder, Schönsee, son Jacob 1y.
Mar.-- Cornelius Epp, Schönsee, dau. Christina 6m.
Mar. 19 Harm Stobb, Schönsee, son Peter 1m.
Apr. 27 Heinrich Janson, Schönsee, dau. Anna 11y.
Aug. 26 Agatha Reimer, Schönsee, son Abraham 1y.
Sep. 4 Peter Quiring, Schönenberg, son Abraham 1y.
Sep.12 Jacob Ens, Schönsee, ca. 70y.
Nov. 26 Paul Tews, Schönsee.
Dec. 13 Harm Stobb, Schönsee, dau. Maria 8y.
Dec. 17 Gert Ens, Schönsee, 71y.


Feb. 2 David Conrath, Schönsee, son Peter 14d.
Mar. 30 Jacob Zuckau, Schönsee, son Peter 1y.
May 7 Jacob Penner, Schönsee, dau. Elisabeth 12y.
Dec. 7 Peter Klassen, Schönsee, ca. 70y.
Dec. 27 Abraham Fast, Schönenberg, 63y.


Jan. 16 Peter Klassen, Schönsee, dau. Helena 5m.
Mar. 12 Elisabeth Peters, Schönenberg, 73y.
Mar. 28 Abraham Conrath, Schönsee, son David.
Apr. 17 Anna Reimer, Schönsee, 26y.
May 6 Berent Dridger, Schönsee, son Peter 1y.
Jun. 8 Heinrich Janson, Schönsee, son Peter 6y.
Jun. 21 Anna Ens, Schönsee, 24y.
Aug. 14 Saloman Peters, Schönenberg, 73y.
Aug. 24 Peter Martens, son Peter 2y.
Oct. 26 Jacob Hübert, Schönsee, son Jacob 6y.
Dec. 8 Heinrich Penner, Schönsee, ca.50y.
Dec. 18 Clas Dick, Schönsee ??y.


Feb. 23 Anna Grunau, Schönsee, 65y.
Apr. 14 Peter Neifeld, Schönsee, 69y.
Apr. 18 David Conrath, Schönsee, 38y.
May 29 Martin Ens, Schönsee, 15y.
Jul. 8 Johann Regier, Schönsee, son Jacob 4y.
Oct. 23 Heinrich Kreker, Schönsee, dau. Agatha 3w.
Oct. 31 Heinrich Wieb, Schönsee, ca. 50y.
Dec. 19 Johann Tiessen, Schönsee, 29y.


Feb. 24 Jacob Zuckau, Schönsee, 54y.
Mar. 17 Klas Harder, Schönsee, 52y.
Mar. 27 Peter Martens, Schönsee, dau. Catharina 1m.
Apr. 3 Anna Tews widow, Schönsee, 60y.
Apr. 8 Anna Harder, Schönsee, 37y.
Apr. 15 Heinrich Conrath, Schönsee, 60y.
Jun. 11 widow Christina Zuckau, Schönsee, son Peter 1y.
Jul. 1 Agatha Stobb, Schönsee, 50y.
Jul. 20 Eva Wieb, Schönsee, ??y.
Jul. 20 Marianna Martens, Schönsee, 25y.
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