Mennonites in the Marriage Records of the
Lutheran Church of Marienau, Prussia:

Compiled by Glenn H. Penner (

Source: Evangelische Kirche Marienau (Kr. Marienburg) Kirchenbuch, 1627-1944: Heiraten 1773-1857
(LDS Microfilm #208208), Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A..

The Lutheran Church (Evangelische Kirche) records of Marienau include marriages for the years 1773-1857. Beginning in 1800 the Lutheran churches in Prussia were required to record Mennonite births, marriages and deaths. Most Mennonite churches kept good records by 1800. An exception to this is the church at Rosenort. The jurisdiction of the Marienau church overlaps with that of the Mennonite church at Rosenort. Since all of the early Rosenort church records were destroyed the Marienau Catholic and Lutheran records are an important source. The data presented below is taken from these records.

Note: The village referred to as "Rickenau" is better known as Rueckenau.

Wr. = Witwer = widower; Wt. = Witwe = widow
Jg. = Junggesell = bachelor; Jf. = Jungfer = Miss
S. = Sohn = son; T. = Tochter = daughter
ng. nachgelassene = surviving; geb. = born (nee)

Marriage Year Marriage Date Place of Marriage Title Groom's First Name Groom's Surname Age Village of Residence Rel. Father's First Name Father's Surname Title Bride's First Name Bride's Surname Age Village of Residence Rel. Father's First Name Father's Surname Previous Marital Status Comments
1800 Jan-05 Orlofferfelde Jg. Frantz Allert 26 Marienau son Frantz Allert Jf. Maria Quiring 20 Tiegenhof dau Jacob Quiring    
1800 Sep-18 Rosenort Jg. Johann Penner 31 Rickenau surv son Peter Penner Jf. Agneta Kroecker 19 Einlage dau Johann Kroecker    
1801 Nov-30     Arendt Friesen 24 Reimerswald surv son Arend von Riesen Jf. Sara Paulsch 25 Marienauerfeld dau Derk Paulsch    
1802 May-20 Rosenort Jg. Frantz von Riesen 20   son Arendt von Riesen Jf. Margareta Warkentin 18 Marienau surv son Peter Warkentin    
1803 Feb-03 Rosenort Jg. Jacob Dyck   Ellerwald son Frantz Dyck Jf. Agata Warkentin   Rickenauerfeld dau Peter Warkentin    
1803 Mar-03     Claass Friesen 23 Sparau son Class Friesen Jf. Anna Penner 29 Rickenau surv dau Arend Penner    
1803 Jul-21 Rosenort Wr. David Classen 40 Marienauerfeld       Jf. Agneta Penner 22 Rotenbude surv dau Peter Penner    
1803 Oct-04 Blumenort Jg. Abraham Olfert 31 Petershagen son Derk Olfert Jf. Helena Neufeld 23 Rickenauerfeld dau Gerth Neufeld    
1803 Oct-27 Rosenort Wr. Peter Wiens 42 Rickenauerfeld       Jf. Anna Classen 24 Rickenauerfeld dau Peter Classen    
1804 Sep-13   Jg. Derk Neufeld 19 Prangenauerfeld son Johann Neufeld Jf. Margareta Classen 19 Marienauerfeld dau David Classen    
1804 Sep-05     Abraham Penner 40 Rickenauerfeld surv son Arend Penner Wt. Justina Friesen 36 Rickenauerfeld       Widow Peter Entz  
1805 Jan-21   Jg. Johann Penner 23 Koenigsberg son Johann Penner Jf. Christina Succau 22 Ladekopperfeld dau Peter Succau    
1806 May-15   Jg. Jacob Preuss 30 Lackendorf surv son Peter Preuss Jf. Catharina Warkentin 22 Marienauerfeld dau Abraham Warkentin   Preuss not from a Mennonite family
1806 Jun-19   Jg. Cornelius Grunau 38 Orlofferfeld surv son Cornelius Grunau Wt. Agneta Froese 45         Widow Friesen  
1806 Nov-18 Hofe des Hans Bestvater Wr. Harm Paulsch 56 Siebenhuben       Jf. Cornelia Heyn 26 Marienauerfeld dau Johann Heyn    
1807 Oct-13 Rosenort Jg. Peter Krueger 24 Krebsfeld son Abraham Krueger Jf. Margareta Fast 22 Rickenau dau Peter Fast    
1808 Jul-21   Jg. Cornelius Warkentin 30 Halbstadt son Cornelius Warkentin Wt. Catharina Warkentin 24 Marienauerfeld dau Abraham Warkentin Widow Preuss  
1808 Sep-01   Wr. Frantz Friesen 27 Marienau       Jf. Catharina Entz 18 Marienau dau Jacob Entz    
1808 Aug-17   Jg. Jacob Warkentin 28 Pordenau son Jacob Warkentin Jf. Margareta Succau 18 Ladekopperfeld dau Peter Succau    
1809 Jun-13 Walldorf Jg. Peter Siemens 25 Blumenort son Abraham Siemens Wt. Maria   30 Rickenau       Widow of Jacob Penner  
1809 May-23 Neu Munsterberg Jg. Jacob Classen 22 Siemensdorferfeld surv son Jacob Classen Wt. Catharina Hein 28 Rickenauerfeld       Widow of Peter Warkentin  
1810 Apr-10 Waldorf Jg. Heinrich Wiens 27 Tiegenhof son Heinrich Wiens Jf. Helena Harder 20 Rickenau dau Isaak Harder    
1810 May-17 Tygerweide Jg. Johann Mecklenburger 25 Tiegenhagen son Johann Mecklenburger Jf. Catharina Penner 30 Marienauerfeld surv dau Jacob Penner   Step-daughter of Frantz Bestvater, Marienauerfeld
1810 Jul-10   Jg. Frantz Isaak 22 Siemonsdorferfeld son Frantz Isaak Jf. Sara Harder 21 Marienauerfeld dau Jacob Harder    
1810 Oct-25 Neu Munsterberg Wr. Jacob Classen 22 Rueckenauerfeld       Jf. Catharina Wiens 21 Rickenauerfeld dau Peter Wiens    
1811 May-28   Wr. Jacob Penner 32 Kramershof       Jf. Margareta Jantzen 22 Marienauerfeld dau Jacob Jantzen   Mother: Maria Hein
1813 Jun-29   Wr. Frantz Isaac 25 Siemonsdorferfeld       Jf. Anna Harder 23 Marienau   Jacob Harder    
1814 Jan-13 Rosenort Wr. Claas Friesen 34 Rickenau       Jf. Elisabeth Penner 36 Rickenauerfeld surv dau Arend Penner    
1814 Mar-11 Rosenort Jg. Arend Lepp 35 Westlinka in Danziger Werder surv son Jacob Lepp Jf. Margareta Harder 25 Rickenau surv dau Isaak Harder    
1814 Mar-21   Wr. Cornelius Grunau 44 Marienau       Jf. Catharina Pauls 34 Marienau surv dau David Pauls   Cornelius Grunau was mayor in Marienau; Catharina Pauls was the stepdaughter of Jacob Doerksen
1814 May-10   Wr. Jacob Doerksen 50 Marienau       Wt. Susanna Friesen 38 Gross Mausdorf       Widow Dau  
1814 Jul-05 Rosenort   Peter Classen   Ruckenau son Peter Classen Wt. Catharina Wiens   Ruckenauerfeld       Widow Claassen Peter Classen (father) Hackenbudner
1815 Nov-17   Jg. Johann Jantzen 27 Vorwerk son Peter Jantzen Wt. Helena Esau 24 Marienauerfeld       Widow Johann Harder  
1815 Feb-28   Jg. Jacob Penner 33 Petershagen surv son Peter Penner Wt. Justina Tews 31 Marienauerfeld       Widow Isaak Tews  
1815 Apr-09   Jg. Gottfrid Ketler 24 Orlofferfeld surv son Jacob Ketler Wt. Anna Grunau 44 Marienauerfeld       Widow Joh. Nickel  
1815 Apr-09   Jg. Johann Nickel 24 Marienauerfeld surv son Johann Nickel Wt. Catharina   40 Reimerwald       Widow Jacob Succau  
1815 May-00   Jg. Julius Claassen 26 Mirau son Peter Claassen Jf. Adelgunde Pauls 26 Marienauerfeld dau Derck Pauls   Peter Claassen (Arrendator)
1816 Jan-17   Jg. Abraham Warkentin 25 Tiegenhagen son David Warkentin Jf. Maria Harder 19 Rickenau surv dau Isaak Harder    
1817 May-26   Wr. Cornelius Grunau 46 Marienau       Jf. Maria Bestvater 28 Marienau dau Johann Bestvater    
1817 Jul-10   Jg. David Entz 27 Marienauerfeld son Abraham Entz Jf. Margareta Entz 24 Rickenau dau Peter Entz    
1817 Oct-20   Wr. Frantz Friesen 36 Marienau       Jf. Margareta Entz 24   surv dau Jacob Entz    
1817 Oct-14 Rosenort Jg. Abraham Wiens 37 Munsterbergerfeld? son Jacob Wiens Wt. Maria Fast 46 Rickenau       Widow Peter Ziemens  
1817 Oct-14 Rosenort Jg. Herman Ziemens 30 Blumenort surv son Abraham Ziemens Jf. Helena Penner 18 Rickenau surv dau Jakob Penner    
1817 Dec-09   Wr. Abraham Fast 32 Schoenseerfeld?       Jf. Helena Harder 23 Rickenauerfeld dau Peter Harder    
1818 Sep-17 Rosenort Wr. Jacob Harder 58 Marienauerfeld       Wt. Justina Fast 31 Niederung       Widow Abraham Wieler  
1818 Oct-22 Rosenort Jg. Dirk Loepp   Weslinke son Jacob Loepp Wt. Helena     Ruckenau       Widow Isaac Harder  
1819 Apr-27 Rosenort Wr. Heinrich Penner 34 Rickenauerfeld       Jf. Elisabeth Warkentin 24 Tiegenhagen dau David Warkentin   David W. (Hackenbudner)
1820 Feb-28   Jg. Isaak Friesen 28 Marienwerdersche Niedrung       Jf. Helena Harder 23 Marienauerfeld dau Jakob Harder    
1820 May-17   Jg. Jacob Krueger   Marienau surv son Krueger   Jf. Susanna Bestvater   Rothbude surv dau Franz Bestvater   Jacob Krueger was the only son of the Meister Tischler of Marienau; Franz B., Hackenbudner von Rothbude
1821 Dec-00   Jg. Abraham Klingenberg 31 Fuerstenauerfeld surv son Jakob Klingenberg Wt. Anna Classen? 30 Rickenauerfeld       Widow Gerhard Neufeld  
Data originally presented 22 April 2000; revised and expanded 25 June 2003; html by Richard D. Thiessen

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