Mennonite Deaths in the Marienau Catholic Church Records:
1778 - 1780

Compiled by Glenn H. Penner (

Source: Katholische Kirche Marienau (Kr. Marienburg) Kirchenbuch, 1693-1944
(LDS Film #528008), Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.

Microfilm #528008 from the Mormon collection contains deaths for the period 1742 to 1808. This register contains many Mennonite sounding names but very few designated as such, with the exception of the period 1778 to 1780. The jurisdiction of the Marienau church overlaps with that of the Mennonite church at Rosenort. Since all of the early Rosenort church records were destroyed the Marienau Catholic and Lutheran records are an important source. A translation of the Mennonite entries from the German is given below (my comments in parentheses). The cause of death is also given but not included below.

Abbreviations: y = years, w = weeks, d. = days, dau. = daughter.

June 29Johannes FRIESEN of Tiege dau. Rosa 1y (he is not designated as a menno. but he is listed in the 1776 census of Mennonites)
June 30Johannes FRIESEN of Tiege son Jacob 3y.
July 3Johannes FRIESEN of Tiege dau. Anna 6y.
Nov. 2Arendt WIBB of Tiege son Johannes 7y 8w (he is not designated as a menno. But is found in Tiege in the 1776 census of Mennonites)
Oct. 12Arend WIB of Tiege wife Gertrude 24y.
May 21Agnes WIBBIN of Tiege 50y.
Apr. 28Martin WIBB of Marienau son Derk 8d. (Mart. Wiebe is listed in Marienau in 1776)
June 28Jacob PENNER of Marienau son Jacob 1/2y. (There is a Jacob Penner listed in Marienau in 1776)
July 20Peter CLASSEN of Ruckenau dau. Helena 32w.
Aug. 12Johan PENNER of Marienau dau. Barbara 13w.
Nov. 6Peter DICK of Marienau son Peter 2y. 25w.
Nov. 10Derck PAULS of Marienau dau. Anna 30w. (Dirck Pauls is listed in Marienau in 1776)
Nov. 23Johann FRIESEN of Tiege dau. Anna 18w. (There are two Hans Friesens listed in Tiege in 1776)
Dec. 7Helena CLASSIN of Tiege 22y.
Jan. 11Peter HEIN of Marienau 62y.
Jan. 20Eva REGER of Marienau 56y. (Could be the wife of Abrah. Regehr listed in Marienau in 1776)
Feb. 1Hans HEIN of Marienau son Peter 4y. (Listed in Marienau in 1776)
Mar. 9Abram REIMER of Tiege wife 38y. (this death is listed in the Ladekopp Menn. Church records and her age is given as 48y, there is an Abrah. Reimer listed in Tiege in 1776)
Mar. 26Knels WARCKENTIN of Marienau wife Sophia 73y. (He is listed in 1776 census)
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