Mennonites Expelled from Lithuania in 1724

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Mennonites from various Frisian congregations in West Prussia began settling in what is now Lithuania in 1713. They settled along the Memel river near the town of Tilsit. At that time this region was part of East Prussia, and under the control of the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm. Sometime in early 1724 several young Mennonite men were forcibly taken by recruiting officers of the royal Prussian army. Naturally the pacifist Mennonites strongly protested, asking for their return. The king responded by ordering the Mennonites expelled. A total of 115 families had to leave on very short notice. As a result they were forced to sell their property at significant loss. Even though they were partially compensated for their contributions towards public infrastructure (dams, dikes, windmills etc.) they still required financial assistance from the Dutch Mennonites. The following document includes the names of the heads of the households who were expelled from Lithuania, the amount of money loaned to them by the Dutch Mennonites, and their destination in West Prussia.

Although some of the expelled Mennonites remained in the Danzig and Elbing regions, or the Gross and Klein Werders, many later returned to Lithuania. Those who were recorded as moving to the Kulm region established the Tragheimerweide congregation, known in the early years as the Schweingrube Gemeinde.

Note that names ending with “sche” indicate a female head of the household, most likely a widow. This list is found on pages 407 and 408 of Horst Penner’s book Die ost- und westpreußischen Mennoniten, published in 1978. The original is presumably in the archives of the Dutch Mennonite church in Amsterdam.

Family Name First Name Destination Loan (Florins) Comments
Abraham Jacob Klein Werder 30  
Adrian Peter Elbing Region 50  
Albrecht Wilhelm Danzig 30  
Bartel Henrich Montau Region 100 de Kleene
Bartel Henrich Montau Region 80  
Bartels Dirk Klein Werder 50  
Bartels Gerth Montau Region 50  
Becher Andres Gross Werder 120  
Becher Salomon Danzig 50  
Bestvader Absolon Klein Werder 80  
Bestvader Absolon Gross Werder 50  
Block Marten Montau Region 95  
Block'sche Henrich Montau Region 30  
Casper Cornelius Kulm Region 50  
Caspers Casper Klein Werder 80  
Caspers Peter Klein Werder 30  
Caspersche Widow Klein Werder 30  
Cornelssen Heinrich Elbing Region 50  
Dirksen Frans Klein Werder 80  
Ediger Hans Klein Werder 30  
Edinger Henrich Danzig 100  
Edinger Peter Danzig 100  
Eds Abraham Klein Werder 30  
Ekken Hans Danzig 50  
Engbrecht Henrich Elbing Region 50  
Ewert Gilius Kulm Region 50  
Ewert Jacob Montau Region 50  
Ewert Peter Danzig 100  
Fisch Alexander Klein Werder 30  
Fisch George Klein Werder 60  
Fisch Jacob Klein Werder 30  
Foth Gilius Kulm Region 95  
Foth Henrich Kulm Region 50  
Gerban Marten Danzig 30  
Gertsen Peter Klein Werder 50  
Gertz Andreas Montau Region 40  
Gertz Cornelius Elbing Region 60  
Gertz Dirk Montau Region 30  
Gertz Gilius Kulm Region 210  
Gertz Jan Elbing Region 100  
Gertzen Cornelis Klein Werder 100  
Gertzen Hendrich Klein Werder 50  
Gertzen Sivert Klein Werder 150  
Getzke Jacob Klein Werder 60  
Getzke Peter Gross Werder 50  
Greeger'sche   Montau Region 30  
Grubert George Elbing Region 100  
Grunau Henrich Gross Werder 30  
Grunausche Widow Kulm Region 30  
Guuer Cornelis Gross Werder 100  
Guur Tobias Montau Region 30  
Harms Harm Klein Werder 36  
Harms Peter Klein Werder 65  
Jadur Pauel Gross Werder 80  
Janssen Dirk Kulm Region 95  
Janssen Gert Elbing Region 50  
Janssen Peter Klein Werder 50  
Janssen Peter Kulm Region 125  
Janssen Salomon Danzig 50  
Jantze Christian Klein Werder 30  
Jantzen Frans Klein Werder 50  
Jantzen Henrich Danzig 100  
Jantzen Marten Klein Werder 90  
Jard'sche   Kulm Region 30  
Ketler Isaac Montau Region 95  
Koehn'sche   Kulm Region 30  
Koerber Jacob Klein Werder 290  
Krueger Andreas Kulm Region 95  
Krueger Hans Kulm Region 95  
Leyke Peter Klein Werder 75  
Lickfeld'sche   Montau Region 30  
Lindinger Symon Danzig 100  
Mueller Casper Klein Werder 30  
Nachtigaal Jonas Gross Werder 30  
Nickel Gerth Danzig 30  
Nieboer Christof Gross Werder 50  
Obbe Henrich Kulm Region 50  
Pauels Harm Klein Werder 50  
Pauls George Elbing Region 36  
Penner Abraham Klein Werder 50  
Penner David Danzig 200  
Peters Gerth Elbing Region 50  
Plenert Christian Kulm Region 50  
Plenert Henrich Elbing Region 115  
Quap Hans Gross Werder 30  
Quering Henrich Gross Werder 100  
Roodsche Widow Klein Werder 50  
Roosenvelt Peter Elbing Region 100  
Schomans Maria Gross Werder 30  
Schroeder Isaac Kulm Region 36  
Schultenfeld Johan Klein Werder 70  
Schultz Hendrich Montau Region 50  
Seels David Montau Region 95  
Sievert Jacob Elbing Region 190  
Smith Hans Klein Werder 80  
Smith Hans Gross Werder 130  
Smith Wilhelm Elbing Region 80  
Sparling Hans Danzig 30  
Stobb'sche   Kulm Region 125  
Stobbe Ertman Danzig 30  
Stobbe Isaac Kulm Region 100  
Swegler Henrich Danzig 40  
Szcepansky Godfield Elbing Region 50  
Szczepansky Matias Klein Werder 50  
Technau Michel Elbing Region 90  
Tiard Henrich Gross Werder 150  
Tiard Peter Montau Region 50  
Unrau Abraham Kulm Region 118  
Unrau David Kulm Region 142  
Unrau Ertman Kulm Region 175  
Unrau George Kulm Region 142  
van Steen Jost Kulm Region 30  
Weedel Jacob Kulm Region 30  
Wichert Johann Gross Werder 50  
Ziemens Marten Elbing Region 90  
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