Court Records of Klein Lubin, Amt Graudenz, West Prussia

Compiled by Adalbert Goertz† (1928-2011)

Edited by Glenn H. Penner (

The following is a transcription of inheritance records I obtained in 2004 from the archives of Bydgoszcz, Poland (formerly Bromberg). This transcription was done by Adalbert Goertz and published in Altpreussische Geschlechtskunde in 2006 (Band 36,54. Jahrgang, p. 265). This is a direct copy of the transcription he sent me in 2005. The German can be rather legalistic and convoluted in places. If anyone is willing to provide a translation I would be happy to post it.

These Hyptheken Akten are extremely valuable documents and can be found for many villages in the Bydgoszcz archives. They often provide family history and genealogical information which cannot be obtained from church registers. See for example the birth dates of the two Goertz brothers. For an example of the information which can be extracted from these records see my articles on the Schroeder family (Heritage Posting, Jan. & Apr. 2005; Jan. & Apr. 2006) in particular April 2006, which provides two maps of Klein Lubin.

The Mennonites of Klein Lubin were members of the Montau Frisian Gemeinde and many of the people mentioned in these records can also be found in the existing Montau church records.

Zur Einrichtung der Grund- und Hypothekenakten – 178:3 Klein Lubin, Amt Graudenz.

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