Mennonite Deaths 1753-6, 1773 and 1774
in the evang. Kirchenbuch Gross Mausdorf, Westpreussen

Compiled by Glenn H. Penner (

Source: Evangelische Kirche Groß Mausdorf (Kr. Elbing): Kirchenbuch, 1683-1925
(LDS Film #742807), Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.
Mikrofilm aufgenommen von Manuskripten in Lübeck und Gdańsk

The Lutheran Church records of Gross Mausdorf include Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths for the years 1728-1774. A few Mennonites deaths are included for the years 1753-6, 1773 and 1774. These are transcribed below. The following abreviations are used: Gmd = Gross Mausdorf, Kmd = Klein Mausdorf and Krf = Krebsfeld. The people in the following entries are all specifically designated as Mennonites ("Mennonist").

3Abr. REGIER Jan.28
9Joh. REGIER 22JMar.28
12Helena JANTZEN 19J.May 2
25Mertin DICKMANN57JOct.28
5Elis. KOPin29JJan.27
8Joh. PETERS3WFeb.6
10Jacob (no last name)13WFeb.7
25Pet. CLAASSEN1/4JOct.27
3Is. KROEKER19WJan.10
4Arend GERBRAND74JJan.18
6WIEBE (first name not given)3 1/2JJan22
11Jac. NEUFELD3WFeb.4
14Herm. KOPP5JFeb.21
25Joh. REGIER16WMay27
34Maria v. RIESEN9WOct.30
37Cat. CLAASSin13WNov.9
42Agatha WIEBin1/2JDec.13
43Cat. PENNER45JDec.21
5Margaretha ISAACin22JFeb.12
22Jacob ISAAC56JJul.12
26Nicolaus BRAUN3WOct.19
32Anna ANDRESin3WDec.22
24Cornelius FASTGmd widow Anna June 10 68 y
12Johan DICKKrf.Feb.4 52 y
13Gerh. WIEBEKrf. wife CatharinaFeb.8 60 y
14Abraham FRIESENKmd. wife HelenaFeb.3 62 y
17Jacob REIMERKrf. son ArendFeb.28 8 w
18Jacob ISBRECHTKrf.Mar. 1 48 1/2 y
19Jacob HEIDEBRECHT Krf. son Cornelius Mar. 6 1 y
20Catharina INTZ (ENTZ)Krf. Mar. 730 y
21Helena ISBRECHTKrf. Mar.108 d
23Jacob INTZKrf.Mar.1537 y
24Andreas HAMMKrf.Mar.2037 y
30Helena ISBRECHTKrf.May 421/2 y
44Gerhard ENTZGmd."fell off horse"Jul.2947 1/2 y
51Maria HANin (Hamm?)Krf."in childbirth"Sep.2035 y
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