Mennonite Marriages in the Lutheran Church Register of Elbing Neuheide:

Originally extracted by Adalbert Goertz;
Compiled and Edited Glenn Penner

Source: LDS Film #251161

Microfilm #251161 of the Mormon collection contains marriages from 1770 to 1820. From 1800 on Mennonite marriages are included. Adalbert Goertz published the Mennonite extractions for 1800 - 1820 in Altpreussische Geschlechterkunde (1980; Issue 12, p. 411). I have recompiled Adalbertís extractions into a spreadsheet and arranged these in both chronological and alphabetical order (according to both bride and groom surname). My comments and additions are in square brackets [ ].


Some terms used in the transcription:

verst. = verstorbene = departed (late)

J. = Jahre (years)

S. d. = Sohn des = son of

T. d. = Tochter des = daughter of

Jg. = previously unmarried man

Jf. = previously unmarried woman


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