Marriages: 1801-1807
Found in the Diary of Ältester Peter Dyck
of Elbing-Ellerwald, West Prussia

Translated by Glenn H. Penner (

After the death of Ältester Gerhard Wiebe (1725 - 1796) Peter Dyck was elected as Ältester of the Elbing-Ellerwald church. Apparently the Mennonites in the city of Elbing were unhappy with his election and chose their own Ältester, Anton Wölcke. During the period from 1801 to 1807 Peter Dyck kept a record of the sermons given in the Ellerwald church. He also included a few marriages and announcements of forthcoming marriages. Marriages were usually announced (vorgestellt) at the end of the church service, about 2 weeks before the marriage. Unfortunately these represent a small fraction of the marriages that actually were performed in the Elbing-Ellerwald Gemeinde. So far I have not been able to locate any corresponding set of records for Anton Wölcke. Dyck's journal can be found in microfilm # 280 in the collection of the Mennonite Heritage Centre in Winnipeg, MB and in LDS film #555786.

1801, Jan. 8Heinrich Wiebe son of Heinrich Wiebe of Preusische Königsdorf and Catharina Dück, Paul Dück's oldest dau.of Lindenauerfeld (married).
1801, May, 22 Johann Penner of Rückenau and his wife Angnetha Kröker; (on this day it was noted that this couple recently had a son).
1802, Jan. 10 Dirck Wiebe surv. son of Jac. Wiebe of Gross Wickerau and Agnetha Thimm, dau. of Frantz Thimm of Zeuersche Kampe (announced).
1802, May, 2 Jacob Martens, son of Abr. Martens of Augustwald and Helena Tiessen, dau. of Isaac Thiessen of Ellerwald 1st Trift (married).
1803, Feb. 20 Peter Fast and Helena Giesbrecht (married).
1803, Mar. 27 Johann Dück and Elisabeth Warkentin, widow of his brother Peter Dück of Reisenburg. At her father Johan Warkentin in Gross Wickerau (married).
1803 Johann Brandt son of Bernh. Brandt of 3rd Trift (Ellerwald) and Catharina Penner, widow of Gerh. Penner of Elbing born Warkentin. (announced on July 17, 1803; they were excommunicated on Feb. 5, 1804 and re-admitted on Feb. 19, 1804)
1804, May 21 Joh. Jac. Kröker of Königsberg and Aemilie von Roy, oldest dau. of Jacob von Roy of Elbing (married).
1804, June 3 Abr. Dück surv. son of Dirck Dück of Ellerwald 2nd Trift and Agneta Ensz, surv. dau. of Peter Ensz of Töpferdamm announced).
1804, June 28 Jacob Neufeld and Cornelia Harder (married)
1804, July 5 Peter Brandt and Helena Warkentin (married)
1804, July 5 Jacob Berg and Agneta Wiebe (married)
1805, Jan. 13 Gerhard Dück of Pr. Holland, a surv. son of Frantz Dück of Schönhorst and Margaretha Esau, dau. of Peter Esau of Kerbshorst (married).
1806, Feb. 23 David von Riesen and Caroline Susanna von Riesen (his brother's daughter, announced). There was considerable, subsequent discussion in the church as to whether this marriage should be allowed.
1806, Feb. 19 Susanna Regier, born Römpels (widow of Herm. Regier), and her husband Frantz Claassen, son of Heinr. Claassen (transferred membership on this date); (not a marriage).
1806, Apr. 27 Abr. Wieler and Catharina Löwens, Jacob Loewens' dau.
1806 Dietrich Martens and Catharina Westerwick (announced Apr. 30, married May 8)
1806 David Penner, Joh. Penner's son and widow Catharina Dück of Alt Christburg (announced May 26, married June 12)
1806 Peter Regier and Catharina Raempels (announced June 22, married July 3)
1807, Mar. 8 Gerh. Wieler, surv. son of Joh. Wieler of Ellerwald 1st trift and Agneta Claassen, Pet. Claassen of Krebswald, oldest dau. (married).
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