West Prussian Mennonite Villages

Locations and Polish Names

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The following table includes the names of West Prussian villages where Mennonites are known to have lived according to census data from 1776 and 1820 as well as several other miscellaneous sources. The reason for constructing this table is to have a single source for finding the present day Polish names for these villages and their locations within Poland. Most of this information came from the Kartenmeister database found at http://www.kartenmeister.com/preview/databaseuwe.asp. Additional information came from Peter J. Klassen’s book A Homeland For Strangers : An Introduction To Mennonites In Poland And Prussia. Some alternate German names and spellings for village names, which are found in 18th century sources, are included. I have collected these during the last 30 years of searching through pre-1820 West Prussian documents. Adalbert Goertz has been very helpful in determining the identities of some of these older spellings.

Those who use this table should be aware that the situation in West Prussia was quite different from that in Russia and the early years in Canada. There were no exclusively Mennonite villages in West Prussia, although there were periods in history when a particular West Prussian village was solely occupied by Mennonites. On the other hand there were many villages in West Prussia that seemed to not have had any Mennonite residents prior to the early 1800s. Much like the situation in Manitoba, the Mennonite population spread out over the years. This table does not contain the names of all of the West Prussian villages where Mennonites have ever lived. Such a list would probably be several times larger. I have tried to restrict this list to the period from the 1520’s to the 1820’s. Inclusion of a village in this list is entirely at my discretion. Simply because a Mennonite family lived in a particular West Prussian village at some point in time does not make that a “Mennonite village” by my definition.

I have used the following column headings:

German Name – note that umlauts are not used. Instead “oe” “ae” and “ue” are used.

Region – this is the approximate geographical region in West Prussia and is a very loosely defined category. There are several villages that could be classified as belonging to two regions. The main reason for including this category is to distinguish diiferent villages with the same name.

Menn – indicates to which Mennonite church the majority of residents in the village would have belonged. Danz. = Danzig; Baerw. = Baerwalde (Fuerstenwerder); Tieg. = Tiegenhagen; Orl. = Orlofferfelde; Lad. = Ladekopp; Ros. = Rosenort; Ewld = Elbing-Ellerwald; Heub. = Heubuden; Trag. = Tragheimerweide; Thdf = Thiensdorf-Marcushof; Mont. = Montau; Ssee = Schoensee; Prze = Przechowka; Ones = Obernessau.

Polish Name – usually the Polish name given in the Kartenmeister database. Note that there are variations in the spellings of these names and the Latin script equivalents of some Polish letters are used (e.g. l rather than ?)

Coordinates – latitude and longitude in degrees and minutes according to the Kartenmeister database.

Map – “yes” indicates that the village can be located in the map at the end of Peter Rempel’s book “ Mennonite Migrations to Russia (1788-1828). Winnipeg, 2000.

Village Region Menn. Polish Name Coordinates Map
Abgunstkampe Gross Werder Tieg   19°11' 54°16'  
Adamsdorf Culm Ssee Maly Rudnik 18°42' 53°24'  
Adlig Renkau       see Renkau  
Alt Marsau Schwetz Mont Stare Marzy 18°39' 53°28' yes
Altebabke Gross Werder Baerw Babki 19°02' 54°15' yes
Altenau Gross Werder Heub Starynia 18°56' 54°05' yes
Altendorf Gross Werder Tieg Stara Wies 19°08' 54°15' yes
Altfeld Klein Werder Heub     yes
Altmuensterberg Gross Werder Heub Stara Kolcielnica   yes
Altrosengart Klein Werder Thdf Rozany 19°19' 54°03'  
Altschloss Gross Werder Baerw      
Amalienhoff Elbing Region Ewld Zarzecze 19°16' 54°07'  
Aschbuden Elbing Region Ewld Szopy 19°19' 54°07' yes
Augustwalde Klein Werder Thdf Wisniewo 19°25' 54°02'  
Ausmass, Nieder       see: Nieder Ausmass  
Ausmass, Ober       see: Ober Ausmass  
Baalau Klein Werder Thdf Balewo 19°24' 54°03' yes
Baarenhof Gross Werder Baerw Dworek 18°59' 54°15' yes
Baerenkampe Gross Werder Baerw   19°03' 54°15' yes
Baerwalde Gross Werder Baerw Niedzwiedzica 18°59' 54°15' yes
Baggen Marienwerder Trag Bagno 18°56' 53°49'  
Barendt Gross Werder Heub Borety 18°51' 54°08' yes
Baumgarth Elbing Region Ewld Ogrodniki 19°32' 54°14' yes
Baumgarth Stuhm Trag Bagart 19°21' 53°58' yes
Beckersitz Schwetz Prze      
Beiershorst Gross Werder Baerw Wybicko 19°03' 54°15' yes
Bendugen Culm Ssee   18°41' 53°25'  
Biesterfelde Gross Werder Heub Bystrze 18°51' 54°02' yes
Bischofswerder Rosenberg Ewld Biskupiec 19°21' 53°30'  
Blumenort Gross Werder Ros Suchowo   yes
Boenhoff(-erfeld) Stuhm Trag Benowo 18°55' 53°53' yes
Bollwerk Elbing Region Ewld Ostrog 19°22' 54°12' yes
Bohnsack Danzig Baerw     yes
Bohnsackerweide Danzig Baerw     yes
Brattwin Schwetz Mont   18°41' 53°27' yes
Brodsack Gross Werder Ros Chlebowka 19°03' 54°08' yes
Brodsack,Vorwerk Gross Werder Ros   19°03' 54°03'  
Brodsende, Gross       see: Gross Brodsende  
Broeske Gross Werder LaOf Brzozki 19°01' 54°10' yes
Broeskerfeld Gross Werder LaOf   18°59' 54°10'  
Brunau       see Gross Brunau  
Brunau, Gross       see: Gross Brunau  
Budizin Stuhm Trag Budzin 18°56' 53°49'  
Campenau Klein Werder Thdf Kepniewo 19°21' 54°01' yes
Cronsnest Klein Werder Thdf   19°24' 54°01'  
Czattkau Marienburg Heub Czatkowy 18°45' 54°08' yes
Damfelde Gross Werder Heub Grobolno 19°52' 54°01' yes
Danzig-Altschottland Danzig Dzg Szkoty   yes
Danzig-Fahrwasser Danzig Dzg      
Danzig-Langfuhr Danzig Dzg Wrzeszcz 19°36' 54°22' yes
Danzig-Legstriess Danzig Dzg      
Danzig-Neuschottland Danzig Dzg Szkoty   yes
Danzig-Schiditz Danzig Dzg Siedlce   yes
Danzig-St.Albrecht Danzig Dzg      
Danzig-Stadt Danzig Dzg Gdansk    
Danzig-Stadtgebieth Danzig Dzg Gdansk    
Deutsch Konopat Schwetz Prze   18°21' 53°23' yes
Deutsch Westphalen Schwetz Mont Niem. Stwolno 18°36' 53°26' yes
Dirschau Gross Werder(?) Heub Tczew    
Dorposch Culm Ssee Dorposz Chelminske 18°35' 53°25' yes
Dragass Schwetz Mont Dragacz 18°44' 53°30' yes
Drausenkampe, Gross       see: Gross Drausenkampe  
Duliniewo Thorn Ones      
Dworzisko Schwetz Prze      
Eichwald Marienburg(?) (?) Debina 19°02' 54°07' yes
Einlage Danzig Ros Przegalina 18°55' 54°19' yes
Einlage Gross Werder Ros Jazowa 19°14' 54°10' yes
Elbing Elbing Region Ewld Elblag 19°24' 54°09' yes
Ellerbruch Marienburg Trag Olszowka 19°15' 53°53'  
Ellerwald 1.Trift Elbing Region Ewld Wladyslawowo 19°18' 54°09' yes
Ellerwald 2.Trift Elbing Region Ewld Adamowo 19°18' 54°09' yes
Ellerwald 3.Trift Elbing Region Ewld Kazimierzewo 19°18' 54°10' yes
Ellerwald 4.Trift Elbing Region Ewld Janowo 19°20' 54°10' yes
Ellerwald 5.Trift Elbing Region Ewld Josefowo 19°01' 54°10' yes
Ellerwalde Marienwerder Trag Olszanica 18°50' 53°40' yes
Emaus Danzig Dzg Emaus 19°36' 54°21' yes
Eschenhorst Elbing Region (?)     yes
Eschenkrug       see Schmerblock  
Fichthorst Elbing Region Ewld Jeglownik 19°17' 54°07' yes
Finkenstein Rosenberg Ewld Kamienec 19°22' 53°46'  
Fischau Klein Werder Thdf Fiszewo 19°14' 54°04' yes
Fischauerfelde Klein Werder Thdf   19°16' 54°03' yes
Fischerbabke     Rybina   yes
Fischerskampe Elbing Region Ewld Kepa Rybacka 19°20' 54°12' yes
Freienhuben   Baerw Izbiska   yes
Fuchswinkel Marienwerder Trag Liski 18°54' 53°47' yes
Fuenfhuben Gross Werder LaOf   18°58' 54°11'  
Fuerstenau Gross Werder Ros Kmiecin 19°09' 54°11' yes
Fuerstenauerweide Gross Werder Ros Kmieciskie Laczki 19°11' 54°12' yes
Fuerstenwerder Gross Werder Baerw Zulawki 18°58' 54°16' yes
Garske   Mont      
Gatsch Graudenz Mont Gac 18°47' 53°27'  
Glabitsch     Glabica   yes
Glugowko Schwetz Prze      
Gnojau Gross Werder Heub Gnojewo 18°54' 54°03' yes
Gogolin Culm Ssee Gogolin 18°39' 53°24' yes
Goldberg Gross Werder Ros Suchowo 19°11' 54°12' yes
Goldschaar Gross Werder Heub     yes
Grentz Culm Ssee   18°33' 53°24' yes
Groschkenkamp     Groszkowo   yes
Gross Brodsende Stuhm Trag Brudzedzy Wielkie 19°24' 54°00'  
Gross Brunau Gross Werder Baerw Bronowo 19°02' 54°17' yes
Gross Drausenkampe Elbing Region Ewld Druzienska Kepa 19°24' 54°08'  
Gross Lesewitz Gross Werder Heub Lasowice Wielke 18°58' 54°05' yes
Gross Lichtenau Gross Werder Heub Lichnowy 18°54' 54°04' yes
Gross Lubin Schwetz Mont Wielkie Lubien 18°44' 53°31' yes
Gross Lunau Culm Ssee Wielkie Lunawy 18°37' 53°23' yes
Gross Montau Gross Werder Heub     yes
Gross Mausdorf Gross Werder Ros Myszewko 19°09' 54°07' yes
Gross Nessau       see: Gross Nessau  
Gross Nieszewken       see: Gross Nessau  
Gross Plenendorf Danzig Dzg Plonia Wielkie 18°46' 54°20'  
Gross Sanskau Schwetz Mont Wielkie Zajaszkowo 18°44' 53°33'  
Gross Schardau Stuhm Trag Szkaradowo Wielkie 18°54' 53°51' yes
Gross Sibsau Graudenz Mont     yes
Gross Usnitz Stuhm Trag Usnice 18°54' 53°57' yes
Gross Walddorf Danzig Dzg Olszynka Wielka 18°41' 54°20'  
Gross Westphalen       see: Polnisch Westphalen yes
Gross Wickerau Elbing Region Ewld Wikrowo 19°18' 54°06' yes
Gross Zinder Danzig Baerw Cedry Wilkie 18°50' 54°14' yes
Gross Zuender       see: Gross Zinder  
Grossweide Marienwerder Trag Pastwa 18°52' 53°48' yes
Grubenhagen Elbing Region Ewld     yes
Grubenkaetingskamp Gross Werder Tieg     yes
Gruenhoff Marienwerder Trag     yes
Grunau Klein Werder Thdf Gronowo 19°27' 54°08' yes
Gruppe, Nieder       see: Nieder Gruppe  
Gruppe, Ober       see: Ober Gruppe  
Gueldenfelde Stuhm Trag Zlotnica 19°18' 54°01' yes
Guettland/Coeslin Danzig Dzg Kosliny 18°48' 54°09' yes
Gutsch Marienwerder Trag Gurcz 18°54' 53°49'  
Haakendorf Elbing Region Ewld Zawadka 19°15' 54°08' yes
Haberhorst Gross Werder Tieg Cyganak 19°09' 54°16'  
Haffkrug       see Stobbendorf  
Halbstadt Gross Werder Heub Polmiescie 19°09' 54°05' yes
Hauskampe Danzig Tieg      
Heegewald Gross Werder Ros Podwale 19°12' 54°13' yes
Heinen Stuhm Trag Parowy 18°59' 53°53'  
Herrenhagen Gross Werder Heub Pielica 19°05' 54°04' yes
Heubude Danzig Baerw Stogi 18°42' 54°22' yes
Heubuden Gross Werder Heub Stogi 18°58' 54°04' yes
Heubuden, Klein       see: Klein Heubuden  
Hinterfeld       see: Neuteich  
Hintersee Stuhm Trag Zajezierze 19°01' 53°54'  
Hinterthor-Neulichtenau Gross Werder Tieg Chelmek    
Hochzeit Danzig Baerw Wislina 18°43' 54°17' yes
Hohenwalde Klein Werder Thdf Krzewsk 19°25' 54°03' yes
Holm Danzig Dzg Ostrow 18°39' 54°22'  
Holm Gross Werder Tieg Chelmek 19°11' 54°16'  
Hoppenau Elbing Region Ewld Kopanka 19°14' 54°07' yes
Hoppenbruch Danzig Dzg Moczary   yes
Horst Culm Ssee      
Horsterbusch Elbing Region Ewld Krzewiny 19°14' 54°07' yes
Insel Kueche Marienwerder Trag Kuchnia 18°51' 53°53' yes
Irrgang Gross Werder Heub Martag 19°03' 54°06' yes
Jamerau Culm Ssee Brankowka 18°37' 53°24' yes
Jankendorf Gross Werder Baerw Jankow Zulawskie 19°00' 54°17' yes
Jankenkrug       see Jankendorf  
Jerszewerfeld Marienwerder Trag      
Jerszewo Marienwerder Trag Brachlewo 18°59' 53°48'  
Jeziorka Schwetz Prze      
Johannsdorf Marienwerder Trag      
Jonasdorf Klein Werder Thdf   19°07' 54°03' yes
Jungfer Gross Werder Ros Marzjcino 19°14' 54°14' yes
Junkeracker Danzig Tieg Junoszyno 19°04' 54°19' yes
Junkertroyl Danzig Baerw Chorazowka 19°04' 54°17' yes
Kaesemark Danzig Baerw Kismark 18°55' 54°15' yes
Kahlbude, Unter-       see: Unter Kahlbude  
Kaldowe       see Kalthof  
Kalteherberge Gross Werder Tieg Swierznica 19°06' 54°16' yes
Kalthof Gross Werder Heub Kaldowo 19°01' 54°02' yes
Kaminke Gross Werder Heub Kamionka 19°02' 54°03' yes
Katznase Klein Werder Thdf Kaczynos 19°10' 54°04' yes
Keitelau Gross Werder Ros Swaryszewo 19°13' 54°13' yes
Kelpin, Klein       see: Klein Kelpin  
Kerbshorst Elbing Region Ewld Gajewice or Raczki 19°21' 54°06' yes
Kerbswald,Ober-       see: Ober Kerbswalde  
Kerbswald,Unter-       see: Unter Kerbswalde  
Kirschhorst       see: Kerbshorst  
Kirschwald       see: Kerbswald  
Kittelsfaehre Stuhm Trag Sadlno 18°55' 53°57'  
Klakendorf Klein Werder Thdf Klawki 19°13' 54°02'  
Klammer Culm Ssee Klamry 18°30' 53°21'  
Klein Heubuden Gross Werder Heub Stozki 18°57' 54°05' yes
Klein Kelpin Danzig Danz Kielpinko 18°31'54°21'  
Klein Lesewitz Gross Werder Heub Lasowice Male 19°06' 54°06' yes
Klein Lichtenau Gross Werder Heub Lichtnowka 18°53' 54°06' yes
Klein Lubin Schwetz Mont Maly Lubien 18°44' 53°31' yes
Klein Lunau Culm Ssee Male Lunawy 18°35' 53°22' yes
Klein Mausdorf Gross Werder Ros Myszewko 19°08' 54°10' yes
Klein Mausdorferweide Gross Werder Ros Laczki Myzewskie 19°13' 54°12' yes
Klein Montau Gross Werder Heub Matowy Male 18°52' 53°59' yes
Klein Nieszewken       see: Ober Nessau  
Klein Sanskau Schwetz Mont Male Zajaczkowo 18°45' 53°33'  
Klein Schardau Stuhm Trag Szkaradowo Male 18°54' 53°52' yes
Klein Sibsau Schwetz Mont Bzowko 18°41' 53°31' yes
Klein Walddorf Danzig Dzg Olszynka Mala 18°40' 54°20' yes
Klein Westphalen       see: Deutsch Westphalen  
Klein Wickerau Elbing Region Ewld Wikrowo Male 19°18' 54°08' yes
Kniebau Dirschau Heub   18°48' 54°03'  
Kobbelgube       see Steegen  
Koenigsdorf Klein Werder Thdf Krolewo 19°08' 54°02'  
Koldau Gross Werder Ros      
Kommerau Schwetz Mont Osiek 18°40' 53°33' yes
Kommerau Stuhm Trag      
Kompagnie Schwetz Mont Companja see Kl. Lubin  
Konopat, Deutsch       see: Deutsch Konopat  
Korzeniecer Kaempe Thorn Ones   18°29' 53°00'  
Koszelitzke Gross Werder Heub Koscieleczki 19°00' 54°03'  
Kozibar Thorn Ones      
Kramershof Marienwerder Trag Kramly Wor 18°53' 53°49'  
Krampitz Danzig Dzg Krepiec 18°41' 54°18' yes
Krebsfelde Gross Werder Ros Rakowiska 19°10' 54°10' yes
Kriefkohl/Freienwalde Danzig Dzg     yes
Krippenwalde Gross Werder Tieg      
Krusch Schwetz Mont   18°41' 53°32'  
Krussitz Gross Werder Tieg      
Kueche       see: Insel Kueche  
Kuhbrake       see: Dammfelde  
Kukuk Klein Werder Thdf Kukulka 19°22' 54°05'  
Kunzendorf Gross Werder Heub Sasieczno 18°51' 54°03' yes
Kurzebrack Marienwerder Trag Korzeniewo 18°52' 53°45' yes
Laabe Stuhm Trag Labun 19°07' 54°58' yes
Laakendorf Gross Werder Ros Solnica 19°13' 54°11' yes
Laase Stuhm Trag Lasy 19°07' 54°00' yes
Ladekopp Gross Werder LaOf Lubieszewo 19°02' 54°11' yes
Lakenwalde Gross Werder Tieg Gaik 19°07' 54°16' yes
Landau Danzig Dzg Ledowo 18°44' 54°16' yes
Langfuhr       see: Danzig yes
Laschkenkampe Danzig   Laszka   yes
Lesewitz, Gross       see: Gross Lesewitz  
Lesewitz, Klein       see: Klein Lesewitz  
Leske Gross Werder Heub Laski 19°58' 54°02' yes
Letzkau Danzig Baerw Leszkowy 18°54' 54°13' yes
Lichtenau, Gross       see: Gross Lichtenau  
Lichtenau, Klein       see: Klein Lichtenau  
Lichtfelde Stuhm Trag Jasna 19°18' 54°00' yes
Lindenau Gross Werder Ros Lipinka 19°07' 54°07' yes
Lubin, Gross       see: Gross Lubin  
Lubin, Klein       see: Klein Lubin  
Lunau, Gross       see: Gross Lunau  
Lunau, Klein       see: Klein Lunau  
Lupushorst Gross Werder Ros Lubstowo 19°12' 54°07' yes
Marcushof Klein Werder Thdf Markusy 19°22' 54°03' yes
Mareese Marienwerder Trag Mareza 18°55' 53°44' yes
Marienau Gross Werder Ros Marynowy 19°05' 54°10' yes
Marienburg Gross Werder(?) Heub Malbork 19°01' 54°02' yes
Marsau,Alt       see: Alt Marsau  
Matzkau Danzig Dzg Mackowy 18°36' 54°18'  
Mausdorf, Gross       see: Gross Mausdorf  
Mausdorf, Klein       see: Klein Mausdorf  
Mausdorferweide, Klein       see: Klein Mausdorferweide  
Mewe Marienwerder Trag Gniew 18°49' 53°50'  
Mewischfelde Marienwerder Trag Gniew Pole 18°51' 53°47'  
Mielentz Gross Werder Heub Miloradz 18°55' 54°00' yes
Mierau Gross Werder LaOf Mirowo 19°02' 54°09' yes
Mierauerwalde Gross Werder Baerw Mirowko Las 19°02' 54°13' yes
Moenchengrebin Danzig Dzg Grabiny Zamczek 18°44' 54°14' yes
Moeskenberg Elbing Region Ewld Mojkowo    
Moesland Marienwerder Trag Miedzylez 18°50' 53°57' yes
Moesland, Vorwerk Marienwerder Trag   see: Moesland  
Montau Schwetz Mont Matawy 18°45' 53°34' yes
Montau, Klein       see: Klein Montau  
Montauerweide Stuhm Trag Matowski Pastwiska 18°56' 53°50' yes
Muntau       see: Montau  
Murksendorf Gross Werder LaOf   18°57' 54°13'  
Nankau Dirschau        
Nassenhuben Danzig Dzg Mokry Dwor 18°43' 54°17' yes
Nessau, Gross Thorn Ones Wilka Nieszawka 18°29' 53°00'  
Nessau, Ober       see: Ober Nessau  
Neudorf Gross Werder Ros Nowinki 19°15' 54°12'  
Neuendorf Danzig Dzg Dobrowo 18°43' 54°20' yes
Neuendorf Danzig Baerw   19°08' 54°16' yes
Neuendorf Gross Werder Tieg   probably same as above yes
Neuheide Elbing Region Ewld      
Neukirch Gross Werder LaOf Nowa Cerkiew 18°54' 54°10' yes
Neulanghorst Gross Werder Ros Orliniec 19°12' 54°12' yes
Neu Marsau Graudenz Mont     yes
Neumuensterberg Gross Werder Baerw Nowa Koscielnica 18°58' 54°14' yes
Neunhuben Danzig Dzg     yes
Neunhuben Gross Werder LaOf Dziewiec Wlok 18°43' 54°18' yes
Neunhuben Schwetz Mont Dziewiec Wlok 18°38' 53°26'  
Neusass Culm Ssee   18°32' 53°24'  
Neustaedter Ellerwald       see: Neustaedterwald  
Neustaedterwald Gross Werder Ros Gozdawa 19°10' 54°14' yes
Neuteich Gross Werder LaOf Nowy Staw 19°00' 54°08' yes
Neuteicherhinterfeld Gross Werder LaOf Kacik 18°57' 54°10' yes
Neuteicherwalde Gross Werder Baerw Stawidla 19°03' 54°14' yes
Neuteichsdorf Gross Werder LaOf Stawiec 19°00' 54°08'  
Niedau Gross Werder Ros Nidowo 19°07' 54°08' yes
Nieder Ausmaas Culm Ssee Dolne Wymiary 18°33' 53°23' yes
Nieder Gruppe Schwetz Mont Grupa Dolna 18°41' 53°30' yes
Niedwitz Schwetz Mont   18°23' 53°21'  
Nieszewken, Gross       see: Gross Nessau  
Nieszewken, Klein       see: Ober Nessau  
Nobel Danzig Dzg Niegowo 18°39' 54°18' yes
Nogathau Elbing Region Ewld Nogat 19°16' 54°08' yes
Ober Ausmass Culm Ssee Gorny Wymiary 18°30' 53°23' yes
Ober Gruppe Schwetz Mont Grupa Gorna 18°40' 53°29' yes
Ober Kerbswald Elbing Region Ewld     yes
Ober Nessau Thorn Ones Mala Nieszawka 18°32' 52°59'  
Oberfeld Marienwerder Trag Obory 18°51' 53°43' yes
Ohra Danzig Dzg Orunia 18°38' 54°19' yes
Oliva Danzig Dzg Oliwa 18°33' 54°24'  
Orloff Gross Werder LaOf Orlowo 19°04' 54°12' yes
Orlofferfelde Gross Werder LaOf Orlowskie Pole 19°05' 54°12' yes
Osterwick Danzig Dzg Ostrowite 18°45' 54°12' yes
Ostrower Kaempe Schwetz Prze Ostrow    
Palschau Gross Werder LaOf Palczewo 18°51' 54°10' yes
Paradies Marienwerder Trag Sadowo 18°52' 53°41'  
Parsken Graudenz Mont   18°46' 53°32' yes
Pasewark Danzig Tieg Jantar 19°01' 54°20' yes
Pastwa Marienwerder Trag Pastwa 18°54' 53°49'  
Pendelmuehle       see: Petershagen  
Petershagen Gross Werder Tieg Zelichowo 19°07' 54°14' yes
Petershagenfeld Gross Werder Tieg Zelichowo Pole 19°08' 54°13'  
Pietzkendorf Gross Werder LaOf Piecewo 19°02' 54°13' yes
Pisskrug       see Tiegenhagen  
Platenhof Gross Werder Tieg   19°06' 54°13' yes
Plenendorf, Gross       see: Gross Plenendorf yes
Pletzendorf Gross Werder Tieg Ploynik 19°09' 54°13'  
Podwitz Culm Ssee Podwiesk 18°34' 53°23' yes
Polnisch Westphalen Schwetz Mont Polskie Stwolno 18°38' 53°26' yes
Polnische Huben Gross Werder Baerw   19°00' 54°15'  
Poppau Danzig Tieg Popowo 19°07' 54°18'  
Pordenau Gross Werder LaOf Pordenowo 18°54' 54°09' yes
Posilge Elbing Region Ewld Zulawka 19°15' 54°00' yes
Pranau       see: Prangenau  
Prangenau Gross Werder LaOf Pregowo Zulawskie 18°56' 54°09' yes
Praust Danzig Dzg Pruszcz Gdanski 18°38' 54°15' yes
Preussisch Koenigsdorf       see: Preussisch Koenigsdorf  
Preussisch Koenigsdorf Klein Werder Thdf Olesno 19°17' 54°04' yes
Preussisch Rosengarth       see: Preussisch Rosengarth  
Preussisch Rosengarth Klein Werder Thdf Rozgart 19°18' 54°03' yes
Preussisch Stargard       see: Stargart  
Preussisch Stargard       see: Stargard  
Printzlaff Danzig Baerw Przemyslaw 18°58' 54°17' yes
Przechowka Schwetz Prze Przechowka   yes
Quadendorf Danzig Dzg Przejazdowo 18°44' 54°19' yes
Querwall       see: Lakendorf  
Rachaushof Schwetz Mont   18°44' 53°32'  
Rehhof Stuhm Trag Ryjewo 18°57' 53°50' yes
Rehwalde Gross Werder Tieg Pomorskie 19°06' 54°15' yes
Reichenberg Danzig Baerw Bogatka 18°45' 54°19' yes
Reichfelde Klein Werder Thdf Zlotowo 19°13' 54°01' yes
Reichhorst Klein Werder Thdf Zukowo 19°27' 54°05' yes
Reimerswalde Gross Werder Tieg Lesnowo 19°05' 54°13' yes
Reinland Gross Werder Tieg Starocin 19°10' 54°13' yes
Renkau Gross Werder Heub Rekowo 18°50' 54°02' yes
Riesenburg Rosenberg Ewld Prabuty 19°11' 53°45'  
Robach Gross Werder Ros Robakowiec 19°15' 54°08' yes
Rohrplan Gross Werder Tieg Chelmek see: Holm  
Rosenau Danzig Baerw   18°51' 54°19'  
Rosenkranz Stuhm Trag Roza 18°53' 53°55' yes
Rosenort Gross Werder Ros Suchowo 19°11' 54°11' yes
Rosenort Klein Werder Thdf Jurandowo 19°27' 54°04' yes
Rossgarten Danzig Baerw      
Rossgarten Elbing Region Ewld Rozgart 19°19' 54°05' yes
Rossgarten bei Culm Culm Ssee      
Rossgarten bei Sibsau Schwetz Mont   18°40' 53°33' yes
Rostau Danzig   Roszkowo 18°41' 54°15'  
Rothebude Klein Werder Thdf Stoza 18°57' 54°15' yes
Rothhof Marienwerder Trag Czerwony 18°55' 53°47'  
Rudnerweide Stuhm Trag Rudzinska 18°53' 53°52' yes
Rueckenau Gross Werder Ros Rychnowo 19°06' 54°11' yes
Rueckenauerfelde       see Rueckenau  
Sandhof Gross Werder(?) Heub Piaski 19°03' 54°02' yes
Sandweg Danzig Dzg Piaski 18°42' 54°21'  
Sanskau, Gross       see: Gross Sanskau  
Sanskau, Klein       see: Klein Sanskau  
Schadewinkel Marienwerder Trag Szadowko 18°52' 53°50' yes
Schadwalde Gross Werder Heub Szawald 19°07' 54°03' yes
Schardau, Gross-       see: Gross Schardau  
Schardau, Klein       see: Klein Schardau  
Scharfenorth Danzig Dzg Ostrozek 18°38' 54°17' yes
Scheerkrug       see Weslinke  
Scheibe Danzig Dzg   18°44' 54°18'  
Schidlitz       see: Danzig yes
Schinkenberg Marienwerder Trag Bronislawowo 18°49' 53°39'  
Schlammsack Elbing Region Ewld   19°16' 54°05' yes
Schlottenkrug       see Fuerstenwerder  
Schmandkrug       see Rostau  
Schmerblock Danzig Baerw Blotnik 18°54' 54°17' yes
Schnakenburg Danzig Baerw Komary 18°54' 54°20' yes
Schoenau   Heub Krasniewo 18°57' 54°00' yes
Schoenbaum Danzig Baerw Drewnica 18°58' 54°17' yes
Schoeneberg Gross Werder LaOf Ostraszewo 18°57' 54°12' yes
Schoenebergerfaehr Gross Werder LaOf Ostraszewo Prom 18°56' 54°13'  
Schoeneich Culm Ssee Syznych 18°39' 53°25' yes
Schoenhorst Gross Werder LaOf Gniazdowo 18°55' 54°11' yes
Schoenrohr und Kampe Danzig Baerw Trzcinisko 18°53' 54°18' yes
Schoensee Gross Werder LaOf Jeziernik 18°59' 54°12' yes
Schoensee Culm Ssee Sosnowka 18°37' 53°24' yes
Schoenwieserheubuden   Heub Krasna Laka 19°09' 54°02' yes
Schroederskampe Gross Werder Baerw Szkarpawa 19°03' 54°15'  
Schottland       see: Danzig yes
Schroop Stuhm Trag Szropy 19°09' 53°59' yes
Schulwiese Marienwerder Trag Jarzebina 18°52' 53°51' yes
Schwansdorf Klein Werder Thdf Zurawiec 19°24' 54°05' yes
Schwansdorfhoefchen Klein Werder Thdf Zurawina 19°23' 54°06'  
Schwartzdamm Elbing Region Ewld Czarna Grogla   yes
Schweingrube Stuhm Trag Szwedy 18°55' 53°52' yes
Schwetz Schwetz Mont Swiecie 18°27' 53°24'  
Schwetzerkampe Schwetz Mont Szkarpawa    
Sibsau, Klein       see: Klein Sibsau  
Siebenhuben Gross Werder LaOf   19°06' 54°12' yes
Simonsdorf Gross Werder Heub Szymankowo 18°55' 54°04' yes
Sommerau Klein Werder Thdf Zabrowo 19°13' 54°05' yes
Sorgenort Klein Werder Thdf Dzierzgonka 19°26' 54°02'  
Sparrau Klein Werder Thdf   19°17' 54°03' yes
Sperlingsdorf Danzig Baerw Wroblewo 18°45' 54°15' yes
Spittelhof Elbing Region Ewld     yes
Stadtfelde Gross Werder Heub Cisy 18°58' 54°02' yes
Stalle Klein Werder Thdf Stalewo 19°16' 54°01' yes
Stargard Pr. Stargard   Starogard Gdanski 18°32' 53°57' yes
Streckfuss Elbing Region Ewld Tropy Elbaskie    
Steegen Danzig Tieg Stegna 19°06' 54°19' yes
Stegnerwerder Danzig Tieg Stegienka 19°03' 54°18' yes
Steinwage Culm Ssee Sztynwag 18°41' 53°24' yes
Stobbendorf Gross Werder Tieg Stobiec 19°10' 54°15' yes
Stobbendorf Marienwerder Trag Stobno 18°55' 53°48' yes
Striowken Culm Ssee      
Stronsker Kaempe Thorn Ones   18°33' 53°00'  
Stuba Gross Werder Ros Stobna 19°17' 54°12' yes
Stuhm Stuhm Trag Sztum 19°01' 53°55'  
Stuthoff, Vorwerk Danzig Tieg   see: Stutthof  
Stutthoff Danzig Tieg Sztutowo 19°10' 54°19' yes
Stutthoff, Dorf Danzig Tieg   see: Stutthof  
Surowa Schwetz Mont      
Susewalde Gross Werder Tieg Szkarpawa 19°06' 54°15'  
Tamm       see: Schwartzdamm  
Tansee Elbing Region Ros Swierki   yes
Tepperdamm       see: Neudorf  
Terra Nova Elbing Region Ewld Nowakowo    
Thiensdorf Klein Werder Thdf Jesioro 19°23' 54°04' yes
Thienshoff Klein Werder Thdf   see: Thiensdorf  
Thiergarth Klein Werder Thdf Zwierzno 19°20' 54°02' yes
Thiergartsfelde Klein Werder Thdf Zwiezenskie Pole 19°20' 54°02'  
Thoerichthof Klein Werder Thdf Szaleniec 19°15' 54°02' yes
Tiege Gross Werder LaOf Tuja 19°03' 54°10' yes
Tiegenhagen Gross Werder Tieg Tujec 19°07' 54°15' yes
Tiegenhof Gross Werder Tieg Nowy Dwor 19°07' 54°12' yes
Tiegenort Gross Werder Tieg Tujsk 19°08' 54°16' yes
Tiegerfelde Gross Weder LaOf Tujskie Pole 19°05' 54°11' yes
Tiegerweide Gross Werder Tieg Tujskie Saki 19°05' 54°14' yes
Traalau Gross Werder Heub Tralewo 19°00' 54°06' yes
Tragheimerweide Stuhm Trag Barcice   yes
Trampenau Gross Werder Heub Trepnowy 18°58' 54°07' yes
Treul Schwetz Mont Tryl 18°44' 53°36' yes
Unter Kahlbude Danzig        
Unter Kerbswald Elbing Region Ewld     yes
Unterwald Marienwerder Trag Jalowiec 18°55' 53°48'  
Usnitz, Gross       see: Gross Usnitz  
Venedia Culm Ssee   18°34' 53°22'  
Vierzehnhuben Gross Werder Baerw Zadworze 19°01' 54°14' yes
Vogelsang Gross Werder Heub Bronislawie 19°00' 54°02' yes
Vogtey Gross Werder Baerw Wlodarka 19°02' 54°15' yes
Vorwerk Rothebude Gross Werder Baerw   see: Rothebude  
Walddorf, Gross-       see: Gross Walddorf yes
Walddorf, Klein-       see: Klein Walddorf yes
Walldorf Gross Werder Ros Powalina 19°12' 54°12' yes
Warnau       see: Koszelitzke yes
Weiershof       see: Tiegenhof  
Weisshof Marienwerder Trag Bystrzec 18°55' 53°47' yes
Wengeln Klein Werder Thdf Wegle 19°26' 54°05' yes
Wengelwalde Klein Werder Thdf   see: Wengeln yes
Wernersdorf Gross Werder Heub Pogorzala Wies 18°56' 53°58' yes
Weslinke Danzig Dzg     yes
Westphalen, Deutsch       see: Deutsch Westphalen  
Westphalen, Klein       see: Deutsch Westphalen  
Westphalen, Polnisch       see: Polnisch Westphalen  
Wickerau, Gross       see: Gross Wickerau  
Wickerau,Klein-       see: Klein Wickerau  
Wieshof Danzig Dzg      
Wintersdorf       see: Przechowka  
Wordel Danzig Dzg Worla 18°52' 54°20'  
Wotzlaff Danzig Dzg Woclawy 19°46' 54°17' yes
Zandersweide Marienwerder Trag Gurcz 18°52' 53°50'  
Zeiskendorf Dirschau        
Zeyer Gross Werder Ros Kepiny 19°18' 54°14' yes
Zeyersniederkampen Gross Werder Ros Kepiny Wielkie 19°20' 54°14' yes
Zeyersvorderkampen Gross Werder Ros Kepiny Male 19°16' 54°13' yes
Zieglershuben Stuhm Trag Sawany Lasek   yes
Zinder, Gross-       see: Gross Zinder  
Zwanzigerweide Stuhm Trag Przydatki 18°52' 53°51' yes

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