Part Single Female

ReferenceNameBirth DateRefMarriageSpouseBirth DateRef
B1843-A012a Hiebert, Katharina 1793/12/11
C1874-A164c Peters, Katharina 1812
C1874-A136b Klippenstein, Katharina 1811/12/02
C1874-A164b Peters, Susanna 1805/11/29
C1874-A159b Penner, Maria 1829/08/02
C1874-B027c Reimer, Katharina 1813/06/20
C1878-A058b Friesen, Sarah 1886/11/23
C1887-B158b Weiland, Maria
C1887-A084b Pries, Magaretha
C1887-A129b Wisnowsky, Elisabeth 1875/06/30
C1887-A112c Weiland, Maria
C1907-A003d Wiebe, Aganetha
C1907-A003c Mykyliuk, Anna 1913/05/12
ReferenceNameBirth DateRefMarriageSpouseBirth DateRef
RGB004-2a Klassen, Magaretha
RGB053-5 Warkentin, Katharina 1815/05/24
RGB069-3c Peters, Sarah 1904/06/08
RGB074-3 Friesen, Maria 1804/06/15
RGB103-4b Harms, Katharina 1914/07/31
RGB120-4a Neufeld, Helena 1814/04/01
RGB174-3c Peters, Helena 1901/03/25
RGB236-2c Loewen, Magaretha 1880/07/21
RGB257-3d Krahn, Elisabeth 1908/04/19
RGB270-4d Froese, Elisabeth 1911/04/30
RGB358-3b Penner, Maria 1882/04/06
RGB361-2c Hiebert, Maria 1899/10/17
RGB401-2b Wolfe, Elisabeth 1885/03/31
RGB407-2b Knelsen, Susanna 1892/05/10
ReferenceNameBirth DateRefMarriageSpouseBirth DateRef
RGB408-1b Giesbrecht, Katharina 1891/04/14
RGB421 Enns, Katharina
RGB421 Epp, Magaretha 1802/02/28
RGB421 Peters, Elisabeth 1822/04/08
RGB421 Enns, Helena
RGB421 Vogt, Elisabeth
RGB421 Siemens, Anna
RGB421 Reimer, Aganetha
RGB421 Warkentin, Katharina 1815/05/04
RGB421 Peters, Mrs., Peter
RGB421 Peters, Maria
RGB421 Friesen, Magaretha
RGB421 Friesen, Katharina
RGB421 Friesen, Maria 1804/06/15
ReferenceNameBirth DateRefMarriageSpouseBirth DateRef
RGB421 Froese, Magaretha 1862
RGB421 Peters, Sarah 1881/03/31
RGB421 Penner, Elisabeth 1819/06/
RGB421 Penner, Anna 1853/09/02
RGB421 Peters, Helena 1826/09/01
RGB421 Wiebe, Maria 1816/05/14
RGB421 Dyck, Elisabeth 1824/09/22
RGB421 Andres, Judith 1802/06/09
RGB421 Sawatzky, Sarah 1821/06/11
RGB421 Fehr, Helena 1820/08/10
RGB421 Dyck, Elisabeth 1814/09/22
RGB421 Schroeder, Aganetha 1815/05/27
S1A-291 Doell, Maria 1803/09/03
S1A-049 Rempel, Helena 1809/10/18

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