Quebec Passenger Lists: 1874-1880
with Names Compared to the Hamburg Passenger Lists
and Families Cross Referenced to Church Registers

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References and abbreviations used in the annotations:

  • Profile/Kleine Gemeinde Family #25 refers to Family 25 in Chapter One of Profile Of The Mennonite Kleine Gemeinde 1874 by Delbert Plett (DFP Publications, Box 1960, Steinbach, Manitoba, 1987).
  • Bergthal/ER refers to the village of Bergthal on the East Reserve.
  • Rosenthal/WR refers to the village of Rosenthal on the West Reserve.
  • B1843-B10 refers to Bergthal Gemeinde Buch (see Section A), volume B, page 10.
  • B1874-A100 refers to the Chortitzer Gemeinde Buch of 1874, volume A, page 100.
  • C1878-A100 refers to the Chortitzer Gemeinde Buch of 1878, volume A, page 100.
  • C1887-A100 refers to the Chortitzer Gemeinde Buch of 1887, volume A, page 100.
  • S1A-100 refers to Sommerfeld Mennonite Church Register, volume 1A, page 100.
  • R200-1 refers to the Reinlaender Mennonite Church Register, page 200, family 1.
  • W(a)-25 refers to early West Reserve Bergthal Church record, volume a, page 25.
  • SU-150 refers to Sommerfeld Mennonite Church - untitled register.
  • BWR/1-181 refers to the permanent West Reserve Bergthal Church Register, volume 1, page 181.
  • [ ] - refers to comparisons with the Hamburg, Germany Passenger Lists
  • { } - refers to comparisons with church records

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