Quebec Passenger Lists: 1874-1880
with Names Compared to the Hamburg Passenger Lists
and Families Cross Referenced to Church Registers

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The following additional items are prepared by Darren Enns


Three Mennonite families appear on the Hamburg Ship lists which have not be found in the Quebec Lists:

Hamburg/Hansa - 3 December 1875

Heinrich Friesen 48 labourer; Catharina 49 wife; Jacob 13 labourer; Elisabeth 8 child; Maria 11 child.

Heinrich Friesen 25 labourer; Anganeth 26 wife; Heinrich 2 child; Peter 1/2 infant.

Hamburg/Hansa - 14 July 1876

Aron Schroeder 49 labourer; Anganetha 35 wife; Johann 8 child; Aron 2 child; Anganetha 13 child; Catharina 6 child; Maria 4 child. Comments: B1843-B19a; R374-3; moved to Saskatchewan.

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